Patron Demanding Restaurant Accomodate his Dog


As we were enjoying our catfish poboy sandwich and seafood gumbo in a Glenwood Springs Colorado Restaurant, a young man appeared at the entrance with his unleashed Chihuahua.

He coarsely requested permission to enter Lost Cajun with his puny mut  without a leash. One of the wait staff told the unreasonable dog owner that no pets were allowed without a leash.

Another Lost Cajun employee quickly interceded providing a rope to tie dog to table leg where customer requested a cup of water for his unvaccinated canine friend. This produced a thumbs up from a bearded man who may have been the owner. See picture with chihuahua drinking out of styrofoam cup below for evidence of this.

Glenwood Springs Restaurant allowing dogs inside
Glenwood Springs Restaurant allowing dogs inside

This Cajun Food Place is adjacent to a lot of construction that has been ongoing for two years it seems. I understand that they need all the business they can get. However, I doubt the disheveled man they let in the front door has ever taken his dog to veterinarian. For all we knew the pet had rabies.  This public eating establishment is setting itself up for a lawsuit if dog breaks free and bites somebody. The owner of dog certainly did not appear financially capable of paying for possible litigation.

Understand Restaurant proprietors, you have paying customers with smartphones that expect you to adhere to public safety laws and regulations. Being nice and accommodating to one customer with special demands is no way to do business.


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  1. Despite the unjustified criticism posted on Facebook by Scotty Dilmuth who appears to be a malcontent from Utah by way of Florida, the food, atmosphere and service was outstanding.

    Coincidentally, there was a gentleman in Duval County who violated Statute 320.261 which relates to attaching annual vehicle registration sticker to license plate. Poor people all across the nation are briefly incarcerated for stealing somebody else’s sticker and sticking it to their car to avoid cost. You can get thrown in jail for this since you are making a law abiding citizen get in trouble because of your lack of morals.

    People who do this kind of illegal activity are often implicated in Craig’s list type fraud and scams as well!

  2. I know that Blaine and Lori Law would be more cautious about animals in the restaurants they will develop In Houston’s west and southwest sides. Katy and Sienna Plantation are possible venues.

  3. Dr Richard Sagall points out that ones dining experience can be disrupted from a safety, health or aesthetic point of view if an unsavory and irresponsible pet owner decides they have to have their dog with them 24/7.

    I would approach the dog owner and tell him he is a selfish unconcerned lout! Proprietor of restaurant needs to refuse service here!

    Read the article by Anna Schaefer.

    1. Realtor Kellie Curry had to watch her beloved furry friend Jude perish on her home surveillance video where a trespassing car ran over and shredded the canine member of the closely knit family. Her husband Jared a home builder in Las Cruces NM has his family living in a beautiful spacious home in a secluded and remote area of city.

      RIP Jude Curry

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