My PERSONAL revenge against Experian


RantThis rant about Experian will be extremely edifying as this writer has nothing but harsh criticism for a credit reporting bureau that has way too much control over the lives of hard working Americans. To declare this an article about Experian Issues would be a gross understatement. I am certain that a very high percentage of Americans have had Experian nightmares.

Due to my identity being compromised when I lived in Houston, TX, I placed a security freeze on my Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion credit information. This means that if somebody wanted to fraudulently open a credit card account or any other line of credit in my name, the state of my credit worthiness(credit score) would not be released and the identity thief would not be able to open a line of credit which could possibly ruin my credit score.

A bad credit score means you can not live in the nice house in the friendly neighborhood you prefer, or drive a new car, or possibly even get the job you want since some employers run credit histories on potential employees.

Now let me tell you how I hurt Experian by taking business away from a lender(bank) that requires an Experian credit check before they will approve loan. We were allowed to drive a brand new car out of the parking lot of the dealership about 2 months ago after getting a sweet zero down payment, 2.9% APR deal on a 2015 Toyota Camry.

Here is where it gets unbelievable. The next day, the salesman called me and said in order to process the loan, I would have to unfreeze my Experian credit info. Experian had issued me a PIN to do just that. When I tried to thaw my account with them online, their system indicated I would have to halt the security freeze by snail mailing photocopies of my Social Security Card, Drivers License and also copies of utility bills, etc. along with a 10 dollar check AND that none of this could be handled over the phone!!

I was ready for all this because it is well known that Experian systematically makes it difficult for customers to communicate with them often hanging up on customers who need Experian’s help to get that new card or home mortgage loan approval.

The salesman told me I had no choice because the lender required an Experian credit pull. I told salesman if he could not hook me up with a lender who did NOT need Experian, that I would bring car back and his dealership would lose my business forever.

After a very pregnant silence, I was passed on to the finance manager who gladly found another lender that did NOT require an Experian credit history pull. YES!, I even got a better interest rate and my new lender only needed Equifax and TransUnion.

So dear fellow car buyers, please realize that if you have a decent credit score, you can rip the hearts out of lenders who require Experian. JUST REFUSE to accept a loan where pulling an Experian credit history is required. It is that easy.

The bank that required them lost my business($23,000 car loan) to a bank that only required Equifax and TransUnion. The only way I know to put any company out of business is to NOT pay for their goods or services.

PLEASE SAY NO! TO LENDERS who require Experian so you can put those gutless, lowlife, financial vampires in Allen, Texas out of business!



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  1. We are also hopelessly locked out of experian. We sent snail mail copies of pay stubs,utility bills, proof of employment, photocopies of social security card, and drivers license. 3 weeks later, we go mail from Experian stating we had not included copy of electricity bill and could no unfreeze our credit!!!!!! This is awful and has kept us from closing on the house of our dreams.

    We are trying to initiate class action lawsuit to put them out of business. Our attorney said he needs 9 more serious like minded people. He has had many come in and complain about the abominable actions of Experian, but needs committed folks who will follow through!

    We tried forcing our mortgage company to NOT use Experian like you did with your car. They waffled a little. We have heard there are lenders that do not require Experian and will hook up with one soon!

    Do not use them! They spend too much money on commercials where people with high credit scores walk out of lenders office with the ottoman she had her foot propped on because she knew her FICO Score was 812 using a way overpriced Experian product.

    1. Tina,

      Please contact Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood who has gone after Experian for refusing to take the proper care to make sure the accuracy of its credit reports is maintained. Hood knows that Experian has caused stress and harm to people who have to work too hard to clear up their credit histories due to Experian mistakes! We wrote his staff and a enough people have been screwed over by Experian to fine the HELL out of them and hopefully put the criminals out of business.

      1. I believe consumer advocate lawyer dan a atkerson practicing law in Allen Texas, has had success battling the evil practices of the credit reporting devil Experian. They daily, due to errors and unfair policy, destroy the futures of hard working Americans!!
        The sports sight Rotoworld has some excellent information on this very principled attorney.

      2. Why do you think Experian is doing that latest dark web promotion on TV? Experian is crooked as your article indicates. Do NOT sign up for their service. They make it impossible to undo a security freeze.

        We have secured car and home loans by refusing to use lenders who demand Experian. We have high credit scores with equifax and trans union and have ENJOYED excluding experian from our loans!!

  2. Read the following story submitted by somebody who had $31,000 in student debt and was proud of himself for working deal where he would only have to pay back 10K. However, there are no free lunches and it will always show up on your credit reports that you shirked your responsibility by NOT paying off full amount as IT SHOULD so your future lenders will know you are a risky customer THAT SHOULD HAVE TO PAY HIGHER INTEREST RATES.

    Currently I have a student loan debt of 31K that’s in collections right now. I’ve worked out a payment plan which is $212 a month with very low interest. I know this agency is looking to get cash up front and in the last year I’ve saved up about 10k. In the past they said they would settle on that amount (10K).

    If I settle, It will show up on my credit report it as “Paid for an amount less than total” or “Settled for less than total amount”.

    I was looking at Credit Repair solutions and found a business who could miraculously get all negative items removed. All for $1500. Sounds too good to be true. Whats the likelihood that a business could really do that? Does anyone have any experience with a credit repair service?

    1. Col William F Briney retired writes letter to editor of Roswell daily record, which is pressed for content having to tolerate a column from M E Sprengelmeyer rambling about a conflict in Santa Rosa city council between Pat Cordova and Harold Sexton, brilliantly advising colleges to use pricey student activity fees towards reducing student tuition instead of 80% going towards dumb jock athletes. I think this is great idea rather than having half of college grads being in insurmountable debt the rest of their lives.

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