Pimlott Petrol Price Rounding Controversy


Rant  Jim Pimlott was marginally called out for being angry regarding a letter to the editor of London Times he wrote claiming that Tesco Gasoline stations in Droylsden,Manchester steal cents/pennies  when he fills up his automobile.

I must claim that when I first read about his, what appeared to be,  trivial grievance I thought the gentleman not coordinated enough to stop the pump to the nearest pound. Upon further investigation, other customers report something similar where petrol meter will increment one or two cents even AFTER dispenser/nozzle has been placed back in its housing!

As Pimlott points out, these minute amounts multiplied in high volume transactions put more money in the pocket of Tesco and is tantamount to systemic theft from hard working citizens. Moreover, what individual will actually pursue the reversal of this injustice given the hectic tyranny of the everyday?!

Something quite similar goes on in the United States, except a little more insidious and difficult to track. The gasoline meter display is not altered by a penny or two as Pimlott reports, but a little less than a gallon is dispensed for the advertised price. Very few consumers have the wherewithal or inclination to even detect this type of crime.

Understand that dispensing, say, 0.997 gallons of gasoline could easily be attributed to error in the dispensing device(gas pump in the states). The bastards have us by the short hairs on this one Mr. Pimlott, but thanks profusely for making the general public aware of the impropriety and screw the folks who construed your “investigative reporting” as weirdly angry(Mr Scott Bryan of BuzzFeed News responsible for said accusation).

Also M,Ali of Rochdale reports similar penny pilfering at Tesco station there. These two quite independent accounts might be expected to convince an objective observer that “small scale” theft is occurring.


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