Poor Judgement on Iconic Oregon Bridge.


Some of my closest friends while working in the oilfields of West Texas were Hispanic, but even then I noticed how careless they were with their children. Many would let their kids run around unattended in supermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants, dentist’s offices, and many other public venues.

I was reminded of this when a Mexican mother dangerously and irresponsibly sat her baby/toddler on the edge of a bridge near a roaring waterfall named Multnomah near Portland, Oregon!   In the picture below, Father, wearing the 34 Hernandez Jersey, stands by in apparent approval of his spouse’s poor judgement.

In all fairness to La Madre, she has her progeny leaning backwards firmly in Mom’s secure arms. Had there been park rangers nearby, they would have likely issued a citation or warning to the negligent mother.


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