Popular Santa Fe Cafe Endorses Sanctuary City Status


The Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe must have a few immigrants on their world class staff. Why? Because the first thing patrons see is a sign affixed to their only entrance proclaiming Santa Fe New Mexico  is a sanctuary city and that immigrants make us stronger.

There is no doubt immigrants, many of them illegal, do concrete work, yard, clean up,septic tank, fruit picking, roofing and other tedious and time consuming tasks that legal Americans don’t want to do because of the low pay and embarrassing status.

What many US citizens do not consider is what happens when an undocumented immigrant ends up in the emergency room and incurs a $30,000 dollar medical bill. Do you think they pay for it out of pocket? NO legal citizens, who have insurance premiums deducted from their paycheck, pay for the  medical bills of illegal aliens!

Tune Up Cafe will prosecute anybody, who enters their Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives (El Salvadoran specialties) visited establishment with firearms, by seeking a fourth degree felony conviction. Even self absorbed, narcissistic  Raj Kummar Rao would have issues with this egregious encroachment of the right to carry.



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  1. A single question for Carmen Ramos of El Paso, TX. How do you pay for your family’s medical care? Do you pay out of pocket for your medical expenses? Have you ever taken your kids to emergency room and not paid the bill? Ciudad Juarez ain’t a nice place, but legal working Americans don’t feel like paying the doctor bills of under the table workers. Keep those tail lights in working order.

  2. Anchor baby Henry C Vasquez of Roswell NM appears to be proud of the time he spent in prison. Mr Vasquez states his time incarcerated has made him a sage worthy of veneration.

    I don’t think you are a dumbass Henry, but convicted felons which you appear to be one of, are NOT typically high ranking job candidates. Do you still go back and visit Smelter Town Texas? Earnie Chacon wrote a nice piece about this now ghost town.

  3. Kristina a loyal customer of plaza cafe south side notes all receipts state that some illegal immigrants cook and serve your food. Who cares if they don’t have their green cards? They work under the table keeping costs down and cannot file for unemployment

  4. Michelle Dubois Massachusetts state representative tipped off illegal aliens that ICE agents were trying to arrest them in Brockton. She is elected official who is trying to harbor and protect criminals. She is in violation of title eight us code 1324 and will be prosecuted.

    1. Thank you Texas governor Greg Abbott for going after the shit for Brains county sheriff’s who are letting criminal illegal aliens out of jail!! Lock them up in the same jail cell as the undocumented worker who raped and analized high school cheerleader.

  5. Daniel J. Chacón and Sami Edge wrote excellent comprehensive article over the imposed 2 cent per ounce tax on soda and other sugary drinks. A great way to fund preschool programs in the land of liberals.!!!

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