Proof that Major Pharmaceutical Companies Oversell Useless Drugs


In the last two years 634 pounds of unused prescription drugs have been collected by the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Initiative in Roswell,NM thanks largely to the efforts of Steve Wolfe, a Neighborhood Watch adviser and crime stopper organizer!

This DEA program was implemented to prevent the theft and illegal use of prescription drugs. Also this program helps to mitigate the harmful environmental impact of flushing the unused drugs down the toilet.

One interpretation of all this is that the major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Merck, Eli Lilly should feel very guilty about running high budget commercials that dupe people into buying drugs they do not need!

I am not trying to minimize the importance of the message of the article written by Jessica Palmer of the Roswell Daily Record. Gathering up these drugs to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands is a very good thing!

Let’s do a little math to wrap our brains around how many pills of  potentially addictive drugs 634 pounds is. 634 pounds equals 287,577,328 mg or about 288 million mg.

Now the average pill weight is 20 mg. So 288 million divided by 20 is 14,400,000. Yes people around 15 million pills of prescription drugs were collected in Roswell,NM over a two-year period!

Maybe the presidential candidates should be debating some form of controls on the legal drug pushers like Pfizer and Merck. Please think twice before spending your hard-earned money on 20 mg of Elavil, Celexa, Paxil , Prozac, Cymbalta , Effexor , Sinequan, Pamelor, Remeron, Tofranil or some other addictive antidepressant ! 

Get a hobby or read or take a walk in the park. Don’t make these companies richer by buying something you may end up flushing down the commode! Do you think all this might get a rise out of Tom Cruise and the Scientology freaks?


Prescription Drug Take-Back Proof that Pharmaceutical Companies Oversell High-Priced Drugs

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  1. Sinequan for anxiety helped my daughter to overcome certain phobias she had in particular social settings. Be careful about making blanket statements that all drugs are bad! We searched long and hard for natural/alternative solutions to her condition of EXTREME anxiety, but only sinequan provide the relief our family desperately needed!

    Some dry mouth and confusion is better than wretched depression and anxiety.

    1. $750 a pill for the drug Daraprim should be grounds for incarcerating its developer Martin Shkreli. The only way heartless bastards like him will stop gouging hard working lower middle class sick people is jail time.

  2. I bet a few pounds of those prescription drugs returned were similar to the garcinia cambogia formula for weight loss. So many problems such as obesity can be remedied by natural means. Don’t make the pharmaceutical companies richer and yourself not as healthy by consuming pills with risky side effects.

    1. The most important column in the roswell paper is written by Steve Wolfe of the Neighborhood Watch.

      Today Steve enumerated the boundless scams that plague hard working(hardly working for EBT card types) citizens. He pointed that the confusion of the implementation of Obamacare has spawned an intractable amount of hoaxes and fraud.

      He also lists EBay,arrest warrant,home improvement,home security, and IRS scams as high alert acts of deception.

      Perhaps the most nasty scam in the bunch is the electricity bill rip off where Xcel energy customers are told that they overpaid a bill. In order to be reimbursed the customer has to give up their bank account information in order to have reimbursement wired into account.

      Also understand that Xcel will only disconnect your electricity as a last measure. They will work with you. Shysters and scam artists will not in general.

      Please don’t be a sucker people and make the day of these lowlife scofflaws identity thieves. Pay attention to concerned citizens like Steve Wolfe.

      1. Wolfe is once again on the ball imploring Roswell residents to not be complacent when driving through road construction zones. Steve politely defers to the term complacent when a more direct and accurate term would be angry. I wish to hell they could get Union widened near the Bella Vita and Sorrento Estates subdivision before the end of the summer break. I know teachers and parents at Military Heights Elementary and the dental offices of Maupin and Brown vehemently desire a rapid completion of the traffic clogging construction.

        1. We love the fresh water and friendly people in Roswell. Community banded together during horrible street closing Goliath snow storm. Big problem here is we are under served from both a dental and medical point of view. We called Maupin and Brown to schedule teeth cleaning trying to switch dentists in middle of December, but could not get scheduled until middle of March! We are still stuck with our old dentist. It’s sort of a crisis here. Good doctors come and go. No stability. People get air lifted to Lubbock and Amarillo all the time for heart operations.

          1. Was moved by letter to editor written by dad of Wallace Drew family from Kanarraville Utah. His family was trapped at mile marker 307 on highway 380 during Goliath blizzard. He found out just how hospitable southeastern NM is especially pastor chuck of j bar j chapel in Ruidoso.

          2. James E Goss of Roswell was rescued from his 300 foot driveway during Goliath blizzard. He appears to be attracted to the nice-looking Hispanic male who dug him out and seem to want to hook up according to his letter to editor

          3. Intervention cardiologist Yazan Al-Khouri and Dr Gebremedihn are new hires with Kymera. Wonder how long they will be here or will they just move on the minute they get a better offer. Many doctors end up in Roswell only because they did not get offers in cities of their first choice.

      2. Wolfe’s opinion column in RDR on identity theft is well intentioned regarding shredding any document containing personal info, but fails to address the larger problem of medical workers having relatively easy access to your SSN, date of birth etc. Quite a few places ask for last four digits of your Social security number as a partial stop gap to the compromising of ones financial identity.

        Steve also did not mention low paid restaurant employees who have access to all 16 digits of your credit card number and that “added security” 3 digit card verification code on the back.

        So that critically important 3 digit score that determines the quality of your life is hopelessly unprotectable.

      3. Carolyn Syska, who establishes herself as a security expert by mentioning she worked at National laboratory in Los Alamos for 30 years, took an oath to protect classified information and documents. Without mentioning Hilary Clintons name, Syska attacks her flippant email handling of Benghazi incident and indifference to the lives of Amrican citizens.

        1. Would love to hear Carolyn Syska’s opinion of FBI director James Comey when he asked everybody to look him in the eye as he followed with one lie after another regarding Hilary’s culpability on fraudulent use of private email servers. A guy like FBI director Comey does not get to such a lofty position without being a prevaricator par excellence. Only a fool would believe any finding that would knock Hilary out of the race could possibly happen! Doesn’t matter, Donald Trump will kick her insincere,dishonest and YES crooked ASS in the presidential election!!!

            1. Donald Trump is way ahead of Hillary on the Rasmussen poll of first time voters. He leads crooked Hillary 44 to 39 or 5 percentage points in consecutive polls spaced one month apart. This is something the liberal media can NOT control! High volumes of first time voters will place Trump in White House ripping the hearts out of entitlement Americans who are used to living off the government.

              1. Jane Tate writes a letter to editor invoking biblical scripture against the lying female presidential candidate. Tate is confuse when she claims there are six things the Lord Jesus Christ hates. A loving God has no capacity to hate Jane. Sounds like you are the one with a hate filled heart. Do you have family who worked in coal mines? Be careful about faulty to references to proverbs 9:10

                1. Jane Tate has extreme contempt(so much she misspelled his name in letter to editor) for John Grogan advising him to have his stomach pumped in ER for ingesting too much Hillary kool aid. Don’t think she would get along too well with pot head craig Abalos who wants government to make money off of marijuana so he can receive more government handouts to SMOKE more GRASS. Does anybody know anything about Craig’s affiliation with far left website / ?

                  1. Bible Thumper Jane Tate of Roswell NM judges Hillary Clinton as NOT being impeccable. How many of us are impeccable Jane? I suspect you fancy yourself as being inpeccable. Judge not lest ye be judged thyself JANE!

                  2. You might be right about Craig. That chill pill advocates universal basic income where unemployed people will receive a basic income every month from the state, tax-free and with no strings attached. This is being looked at in Finland. A program like this does not motivate lazy guys like Abalos to find work.

                    Oh Craig, in case you have been in seclusion since Election Day, the man literally named TRUMP was elected to smoke out liberal leeches like yourself. Get a job, prove you need to smoke dope for medicinal reasons, then buy the grass from Mandy Denson with money you earned rather than sucking like a baby on the government’s shrinking tit. The sloth population in Roswell is a about to decline come Inauguration Day.

                    You know buddy, as a working man, I have utter contempt for adult welfare mentality guys like you. I read letters to editor nationwide selecting yours today which stood out conspicuously stamped as self entitlement. You actually deep in your bones believe that the government should take care of people with no initiative.

                    My vote for Trump ended up being in accord with national sentiment even though you live in state that Supported the incompetent female democratic nominee. Thank god the land of enchantment only has 5 electoral votes.

                    Enjoy your government handouts while they last China Grove Child.

                    1. Abalos is one of the most intelligent, compassionate, giving, warm, amiable, considerate, kind, God-Fearing, introspective, well-liked, responsible, well-read, smart, far-sighted, provident, circumspect, stable, loving, amicable, soul-searching, truth-seeking individuals who walks on the paper thin crust that encircles our earth’s molten core that I have ever known. Now, right I know, there are many others possessing these very attributes, but give the man a break! He has the best interests of the below average Roswell citizen in his cross hairs.

                    2. Yeah Craig is so intelligent he said that New Mexico citizens are too stupid to legalize grass smoking. Also the drug addict criticized the highly respected Roswell Christian Russell Scott as being a bigot because Russel stands against the legalization of the gateway drug marijuana.

                    3. There’s really too much in that post for me to respond to, Larry.

                      All I can say is that the world doesn’t work quite the way that you’ve been lead to believe.

                      Maybe next time.

                      I am curious to know why poverty “motivates” poor people, but not rich people.

                    4. OK Craig,
                      Sell me on why I should favor the “way you think the world works”. I am a retired engineer trying to figure out what to do with my extra time. I noticed you are an advocate of UBI. What are your life experiences that lead you to believe this is even remotely equitable? Just go to the Roswell Mall for a microcosm of the number of street people and Beggars our country is having to deal with. Do those type of super low motivated people deserve to live off the working class?

                      I do share your view that the rich are getting richer and should have more of the tax burden, but do you really believe the no account people in the links above deserve to be fed by the government.

                      Regards Larry

              2. Don’t tell Jessica Murphy of hagerman New Mexico who wants to elect a man who knows nothing about foreign policy. But I guess what else would you expect from a small town country bumpkin?

              3. Thanks to Dwight L. Schwab Jr. for his honesty and accuracy in interpreting poll results. He will become a shining star in the field of prognostication after Trump dashes the hopes of lazy Americans who live off EBT cards by CRUSHING Hillary in presidential election

              4. Trump went for broke in debate three hoping his tough talk will help the masses see through left wing controlled media. Will be much closer than polls are saying in my opinion

          1. You have no Clue. Anybody with a brain can see Trump is being outrageous for the sake of being outrageous. His egregious behavior is almost scripted for the purpose of ensuring Hillary is guaranteed to become first female president.

  3. Beau Hooks reports that diabetes drug Actos has been linked with bladder cancer.Hooks should be more prudent about what he publishes as most independent clinical studies conclude Actos does not cause bladder cancer. Stop the unjustified lawsuits.

  4. Kingwood, TX college student, 19, dies in police custody after she panicked and swallowed a bag of meth during traffic stop arrest.
    Madeleine Gene Richardson, 19, died an agonizing death in a Texas hospital.

    Madeleine died partially because of the losing war on drugs waged by United States. If meth was legal then she could have chosen to die by her own choice rather than swallowing bag of meth out of fear of incarceration.

  5. Steve Wolfe and RPD officer Ryan Posey confiscated 339 pounds of legal drugs prescribed by Roswell,NM doctors in a voluntary drug take back program from citizens. How can you ever trust doctors when this kind of crap is happening? Doctors are legal drug pushers for the huge robber baron pharmaceutical drug producing profit machines!

    1. Curtis Michaels tells us Roswell icon Steve Wolfe is leaving us for Amarillo. He lived on west 8th street across from airport which is now Cielo Grande Soccer Complex. I applaud him for the way he exposes Big Pharma for over advertising, over producing, and over selling unnecessary prescription drugs. Your drug take back program article proves my claim.

      1. Educator Ramon C Farley is gonna miss crime stopping efforts of Wolfe also. Ramon taught his progeny. Farley and Keith Bell have similar political views and Ramon misses Bell’s acutely conservative perspective.

      2. I think we have seen OHV Off Highway Vehicles in Cielo park area. Not sure why Randy Robertson, who is employed by Hanson Operating Co, feels they will be good for Chaves County?

        We already have to share road with maniac motorcycle nuts. I wonder if his employer CEO Douglas Mc Bride favors legalization of of OHVs? Does randy use them in the performance of his job duties?

    2. Neighborhood Watch adviser Richard Lucero appears to have take over for Stephen Wolfe who used to live across from Cielo Grande when it was the airport. Lucero said 425 pounds of prescription pills were deposited at the National Prescription Drug Take Back a while back. RPD and the DEA were also involved in the Rx, Opiod overdose prevention program. Thanks to Jimmy Masters and Chris Morekesh for info provided about Narcan which is a drug that nullifies the effect of opioid overdoses. Citizens can take their drugs to RPD rather than flush them down their commodes.

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