Quit Your Whining about James Boyd


RantUniversity or college students often characterize any forceful act of a police officer as police brutality. James Boyd, shot by Albuquerque policemen in the foothills, had a long history of threatening citizens and law enforcement personnel. This incited spoiled, immature college students to block traffic in the Duke City(Aileen O’Catherine knows the history behind Albuquerque being called Duke City) over the shooting of a lowlife who was more trouble than he was worth.

Boyd, who was a paranoid schizophrenic, had a long criminal history. In the past, he attacked people with knives, box cutters, and his hands, and in 2010 broke a female officer’s nose, according to KOAT.

Who cares what a bunch of wet behind the ears college students think about what they perceive to be police brutality? Let the liberal whiners be actively involved in the rehabilitation of the next James Boyd. Let them provide housing and compassion for a homeless meth head who screams delusional chants and declares he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Most of the young college punks who marched in protest probably are just pissed off at the police officer who issued a speeding ticket citation which they most certainly deserved.  They should have been arrested for blocking traffic and shouting racial epithets at Hispanic members of RPD.  A particular spoiled UNM coed yelled beaner directed at an officer who told her to get out of the street. Once they start earning a living and paying back their student loans, hard working citizens may actually care what they think. Sometimes cops have to shoot people, deal with it!!

Finally, the liberal bleeding heart Albuquerque news media spearheaded by Tom Joles irresponsibly and misleadingly produce headlines that police officers kill a homeless man which is deceptive and not forthcoming about the true nature of the incident.


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  1. Christine Robinson ,who led a prayer circle in Albuquerque after a deputy US Marshal shot and killed a man in his home, states that the shooting lessens the faith citizens have in institutions and law enforcement. Christine makes this declaration being completely ignorant of the circumstances of the shooting.
    This time it was not an APD officer that did the shooting. Maybe the whining liberals will finally figure out there are some lowlife, scummy criminals who need to be eliminated.

    This US Marshal action in the Duke City is welcome relief to the unjustified scrutiny and criticism recently aimed at Police officers.

    1. 33-year-old Shane DeShane, was shot when he broke into an older man’s home and woke up him and his wife in Lakeland, Florida recently.

      Shane should have been shot. I bet ultra liberal Christine Robinson will protest the justified shooting and killing of this home invader!!

  2. Amalia Montoya is against the NRA shooting competition because she is mad RPD officers have shot 47 thugs, criminals, and lowlifes this year. She is probably the mother of one of them.

    Homeless trouble maker and black man Jerome Hall Said police officers took away his dignity in public. Hall did that all by himself by being a lazy unaccountable drain on society.

  3. Albuquerque District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is going after the police officers who shot a “homeless camper”. This “homeless camper” had a long history of run ins with the law and harassing people. This “homeless camper” could have easily robbed or assaulted Brandenburg’s wife has she been in his proximity.

    Prosecuting the officers is another step in weakening the powers that cops need to do their job Mr. Brandenburg!! Reporting the event as ONLY shooting a “homeless camper” is a joke!! All the people who believe in this negligent reporting of the news need to be held up or robbed by just one “homeless camper” to change their naive minds.

    Do you all in Roswell remember how Natasha Mackey campaigned like crazy to get elected to city council only to always no show meetings?? I will never vote in another city council election because of people just like her!

    1. Got this comment from a Shaun King article at the Daily Kos regarding the death of Kristiana Coignard(tormented by depression and bipolar disorder) who attacked police officer in Longview,Texas:

      As far as I am concerned, the police is now a standing army. It is now as bad or worse than under British rule.
      The way things are going, it won’t be much longer before revolution starts. Eventually the U.S. will have to fall like the U.S.S.R. It’s only been 25 years since that happened.

      I hope whoever wrote this insulated comment will never have their front door kicked down by a group of black thugs and be tied up while they watch their wife being sodomized. You might want a “standing army” about then dont you think? To everybody that believes police brutality is a problem in the United States, wait until you or somebody you love is slaughtered in front of your eyes because punks like you make cops afraid to do their jobs!!!!

    2. Some journalists should have their journalism certifications revoked.

      Louise Radnofsky, Zusha Elinson, John R. Emshwiller and Gary Fields were all on the attack a police officer mode as they tag teamed underpaid and over stressed law enforcement personnel in Wall Street journal article.

      Financial writers are frequently being influenced by major corporate interests to write something that will amp up profitability of the corporation. They lie and misrepresent in most of the stuff they write so who in the hell cares what a group of unethical writers think about our nations police force?

  4. “All of these shots were no accident or a mistake,” special prosecutor Randi McGinn declared in her opening remarks. McGinn does not mention the times Boyd spit in the face of female police officers or threatened residents in the region in which he was camping out shouting paranoid hallucination based racial epithets. Lawyers like Randi can only be cured of their idiocy by being sodomized by people like Boyd or having their family harmed. Til then liberal morons like here will continue to harass police officers who are doing their jobs.

    1. Let’s hope new Roswell police officers chance cavin, Garrett Dollar, Daniel montejano, and Brandon stroud will be able to use their guns in lawless alien city without having to deal with liberal bimbos like McGinn who defends scum like Boyd

  5. Curtis Michaels wasted a half a page of print space in the RDR today. He wrote about a homeless drug addict(Curtis actually described the guy as self-reliant and a man of courage) who died in a culvert of exposure to the cold weather.

    Paul Parks was described as a guy who took life by the horns. His brother, Dale or Gary, blamed the drug addict vagrant’s death on the Roswell Police Department. Maybe R.J. Crawford, who blames the homeless problem on the City, could have helped Paul rather than blabbing away in his letter to the editor that the government of the city needs to take care of people who are the puny mutts of the human race!!

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