No reliable way to know if you should switch to Obamacare


The school I work for enclosed an insert in our paycheck envelope detailing whether you should consider dropping your bi-monthly health care premiums and replace them with coverage from the new health care exchanges launched today under the Affordable Health Care Act. It was confusing and unclear. It did not carefully explain how to make contact with the health care exchanges

Most Americans are still extremely confused about the provisions of Obamacare not knowing whether to switch from their current employer based health coverage OR even how to determine which is less expensive.

Raymond Mitchell, a lawyer, claims ACA is unconstitutional. Mitchell is uninsured and paying for his healthcare out of pocket. He declares the government can not force you or fine you for not purchasing health insurance in the open enrollment which commences today.

Bryan Neba, a 25 year old student soccer player who apparently does not work for a living, favors obamacare since he needs somebody else to pay for his knee operation.



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  1. Does anybody believe it would be prudent to invest in GlaxoSmithKline? They appear to be poised to profit immensely whenever all the kinks and problems currently plaguing the ACA are resolved. Buying some GSK could help to do more, feel better and live longer!!

  2. Sarah Bradley of Roswell NM is suffering from heart disease after complications during pregnancy. Her OBYGN diagnosed her with peripartum cardiomyopathy and she needs a heart transplant. Due to unfair health care costs, Bradley has to ask the general public for donations cover the exorbitant cost of the surgery. This means we are all having to help her pay for the greedy tendencies of surgeons who don’t really care about the financial stress they put on lower middle class families.

  3. To the one legged guy lifting weights crying on TV commercial that Obamacare is getting scrapped: how about the two legged Americans who pay for your health care or ensure you get lower rates?

    Glad bill o’reilly is around to expose sympathy seeking punks like you!!

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