Religious Fringe Group attaching Flyers to Front Doors


The gentleman you see in the picture was walking towards the front door of a home in the La Bella Vita subdivision in Roswell NM. He and his son, donning a blue tie and limping behind his father, appear to be members of the Kingdom Hall Jehovah’s Witness at 1718 N Atkinson Ave.

Why? They left a flyer attached to front door of a La Bella Bita home where they woke up a slumbering baby while trespassing on owners property.

They believe their version of God’s Will is more important than respecting the no trespassing or solicitation sign that was posted at the property. I believe I read somewhere that some Mormons and JW were fined for being a public nuisance by knocking on same door every Saturday morning for around two months in  row. The home surveillance camera provided the evidence to authorities.


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  1. All these homes on Karabella Way are part of a Home Owners Association I think. The HOA states vague rules about how to deal with annoying door to door salesman. Bible thumpers who knock on your door waking up your baby and such are categorized as salesmen since their goal is to get you to dump cash in tithing trays at their congregational service.

    Realtor Brad Davis of Berkshire Hathaway showed us a house there and might be of assistance helping you enforce HOA rules

  2. This is sort of connected to fascinating article by Andrew Suszek that dealt with the legal nuances of if a trespasser sue a property owner if the trespasser is injured while on the property. That means if the limping kid in the blue tie trips in the driveway and knocks out his teeth that the homeowner who even posted the stay off my property sign can be forced to pay the damages or medical bill!

    Also Will Payne wrote about 54 year old white man who shot and killed Renisha McBride who he thought was trespassing even though many viewed it as a “free murder” by a bitter white man curmudgeon. The attractive Wayne County female really needed help and did not deserve her brutal demise at the hands of a knee jerk racist.

  3. If you actually want a peaceful way to keep the door-to-door JW conversion freaks from knocking on your door consider answering the door when they ring and say:
    “I was once a Special Pioneer before I was disfellowshipped.”
    Using the right lingo is critical. Full-time door-to-door workers are called “Regular Pioneers.” Full-time door-knockers who have stricter quotas(meaning they have to get you to answer your door and show up to a JW assembly) are called “Special Pioneers.” The door-to-door work is called “the Service”, and anyone who rejects the JW message is called a “goat.”

    JWs can be disfellowshipped for various reasons, including speaking to a disfellowshipped Witness, celebrating Christmas, reciting the pledge of allegiance, joining the military, masturbating in a theater, or running for political office. Fellow members are then required to reject them completely, having no contact even if the disfellowshipped person is a family member. One long time elder member was even excommunicated for speaking out on sexual abuse.

    Understand that when someone knocks on your door with pamplets, they are legally attempting to eventually sell you something and are in violation of NO SOLICITATION signs posted on your property. The fringe group is trying to sell you access to their version of God or Jehovah and they can be prosecuted for being a public nuisance. You could likeley use the picture in this post as evidence of trespassing in legal proceedings against their church.

    1. Zachariah Parry humorously put lawyers in the list of undesirable people by profession including door-to-door salespeople, telemarketers, and scumbag car salesmen There are ways to prevent telemarketers from calling you through a straightforward online registration.If this is violated then they are subject to criminal and civil penalties.

      To wit, many municipality code/law has wording similar to the following:
      any natural person, while canvassing, peddling or soliciting, to enter upon any residential premises or to knock on the door, window or any other part of the residential structure, or ring the bell of any residential premises, or to do any other act calculated to attract the attention of anyone inside of the premises, where the owner, resident, occupant or person legally in charge of the premises has posted, at the entry, or any of the points of ingress to the premises, a sign with visible and legible letters at least three-fourths of an inch in height bearing the words “No Trespassers,” “No Canvassers,” “No Peddlers,” “No Solicitors,”

  4. Despite your negative opinion of door knocking church people, Country Club Church of Christ feeds indigent, street people and folks in a hurry. Doug Austin, Ashley Watkins, Davis Bennet prepared their relatives Alicia, Lindsay Harrell, Jennifer Hall and Judy Fenter. Pastor Josh Watkins, a true servant of the Lord in the sense
    of the leader Robert Ricciardelli helping people who are trying to help themselves with the proper level of humility.
    His sensitive realization that young overworked parents need a little time away from their babies makes him a true pillar of the community. Thanks to Curtis M. Michaels for the thoughtful well written piece on the very poor community we call home!

  5. Catherine NeSmith Has excellent legal advice regarding possibility of having door to door religious fanatics arrested for littering your property with their pamphlets and flyers!

    1. Jessica Carter ponders the possibility that Single LDS Men are a “Menace to Society. Brigham Young himself speculated that a single morman man over 27 was a threat to the community. Mr Young just wanted legally married men of his questionable faith poking young horny morman females to up their numbers.

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