Restaurant Warning parents to Keep Kids on Short Leash


Polite Ranting is Healthy

Mexican families are hands down the worst as far as allowing their kids to run around unattended, disrupting the dining experience of patrons in restaurants and grocery stores.

Thanks to the fabulous steakhouse situated on a working ranch 20 miles east of El Paso,TX USA near Interstate 10 for posting this sign telling parents to NOT LET THEIR KIDS RUN OR PLAY in the building! It is also posted in Spanish: Ciuden a sus hijos. Que no corran o jueguen en el edificio. CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES.

It is incredibly selfish and disrespectul to the patrons to expect them to watch out for your kids while they are trying to enjoy their dining experience. Take care of your own or stay the hell out of public places where everybody is looking out for your bambinos except YOU!

Unattended Mexican kids


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