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Thank God Ilene Oller, Los Angeles California, USA has no more clout than writing letters to the editor of large newspapers. She apparently taught in the LA Unified School District for 30 years and now that she is retired feels safe lashing out at tenure and former admins who ruffled her feathers. I know she supports the direction and initiatives of attorney Ted Boutrous who appears to have contempt and disdain for grossly ineffective teachers. I believe lawyer Ted has made groundbreaking advances on actually defining the phrase grossly ineffective teachers in a quantifiable way that could lead to termination of grossly under performing educators. Another lawyer in the region, ironically, was working on defining grossly ineffective lawyer standards and practices to help purge our legal system of incompetent counselors with excessively high retainer fees.

Ilene spews the usual liberal tripe about how poor people deserve a good education at the expense of tax paying citizens who pay much more to the IRS than Mexican families of 10 who really can not even afford to properly take care of one or two kids. She speciously argues that tenured faculty is to blame for the academic inferiority of kids dumbed down by ADHD and bipolar disorder drugs. Her letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times is Quixotic, beyond description! She hides behind the phrase disparate impact attempting to blame tenured faculty for the failures of ignorant and unmotivated children .  Listen, everybody knows there are bad teachers who should not be in the profession. The tenured professor who was fired for accessing porn in his office comes to mind. Sure perverts like him should be gone, but blaming the concept of tenure for the performance of inferior kids from inferior families is a travesty!


Your editorial asserts that the state Supreme Court made the right call when it let the appellate court decision preserving teacher tenure laws stand. I strongly disagree(fortunately your irrational point of view has no import here) and believe the plaintiff’s constitutional rights were and continue to be violated. (“Now that the Vergara case is over, let’s reform teacher tenure laws,” editorial, Aug. 24)

Using the theory of disparate impact, laws or practices in employment, housing or other areas may be considered discriminatory and illegal if they have a disproportionate adverse impact on persons in a protected class(people in protected classes are often dumb unmotivated people who do not belong in school). The tenure, seniority and transfer rules for teachers have a huge disparate impact on students at low-income schools. These students should be a protected class, as they are the future of our society.(False, many of them will be arrested or dead before they get the chance to be the “future of our society”)

Teachers at schools with mostly low-income children are more likely to have provisional, emergency or no teaching credentials(go figure, low-income schools have no possibility of attracting competent teachers, who wants to teach punks whose parents don’t value education and who disrupt class constantly), have fewer years of experience and have been at the school for fewer years. This is not a “few percent of the educational workforce” at these specific schools.

Your assertion that the claims of the lawsuit “border on the silly” belittles the legitimate grievance of these students(more your grievance Miss Oller than students who would rather be anywhere other than school classroom).

Administrators need to observe teachers for a full period, not 15 minutes. Their visits should be unannounced so teachers cannot put on a dog and pony show(I am sure you did your share of dog and pony shows when you knew you were being observed Ilene!!). Sometimes an administrator just wants a body in the classroom and doesn’t care or want to know what is going on.

It is the administrators who are suppose to evaluate the teachers, and thus it is the administrators who allow ineffective teachers to get tenure.

Ilene Oller, Los Angeles


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