Retirees weighing the viability of Moving away from USA




Frank Stoppenbach

of Red Hook, New York

said it best when he declared medical costs have outpaced other inflation measures, partly because insurers profits go up as costs go up, partly because demand for health care is inelastic which means someone needing an appendectomy or other life sustaining operation is not going to put it off because of cost. Doctors know this and will not even tell you what anything costs before wheeling you into the operating room!!

Frank must be an economist because his usage of the relatively uncommon lay term inelastic.  I think he would agree for profit medicine has morphed into an out of control greedy monster forcing many potential retirees to consider retiring in Central America, Mexico, or the Philippines. Did anybody watch that Morgan Spurlock piece about how it is often less expensive to incur travel and lodging fees in Europe where the medical fees are substantially lower?! Yes it is cheaper even after travel costs are added to have major surgery and medical procedures performed overseas!!! Might as well just move out of the country.

What other options do we have in a country where medical costs and bills are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy? We will stick around long enough to see if Trump will improve the disastrous state of our health care system. If not, adios to the former best place in the world to live. To hell with the greedy doctors and insurance companies.


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