Rich Folks Invading Small Town Treasures


Polite Ranting is Healthy

Walter Corbin wrote a letter to the editor of Orcas Issues News and Views advocating planned and measured growth. Walter is concerned that unregulated growth could lead to a dangerously low supply of water in their aquifer. His view is that existing property owners should not have to tolerate the salt water intrusions that have reached alarming levels. I believe it was Rick Hughes who stated unchecked growth takes away vital funding from school infrastructure maintenance these Washingtonians deserve.

Also Orcas does not have a road system that can efficiently deal with unfettered growth or an influx of rich people who threaten to change the ethos and values of their precious and peaceful rural haven. A similar condition has been happening in Ruidoso New Mexico USA where arrogant rich Texans throw around their oil money disrespecting a sort of ski bum, Bohemian culture.

Small towns with limited political clout and resources have the right to oppose and even defend intrusions from the arrogant wealthy! YOU AIN’T FROM AROUND THESE PARTS ARE YA BOY?!


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  1. Lynn Pilgrim has written extensively and incisively about salt water contamination or intrusion of precious small town coastal aquifers.

    Also F.P. Atolagbe has written at length in a scholarly fashion about the the same issue regarding the thousands of miles of coastline in Nigeria.

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