Sam’s Club MasterCard Rewards not Specified Online


We really like our Sam’s Club  5-3-1 MasterCard with its fancy high speed chip outside of one very irritating fact! In the screenshot of the MasterCard Rewards that you see below, the 5% for all gas/petrol, 3% for all travel/dining, and 1% for all other purchase Rewards are listed.

SAMs Club MasterCard Rewards are NOT specified!
SAMs Club MasterCard Rewards are NOT specified!

What I mean is that you can only see the total amount cardholder is awarded for gas, travel and dining, and all other purchases respectively. We could not tell if we were given 3% rewards for the $110 we spent in long term parking at George Bush international airport in Houston. That should qualify as a travel expense one would think.

A simpler way of putting this, I suppose, is Why doesn’t the Sam’s Club MasterCard list the Rewards you get by transaction rather than just display  the lump sum rewards earned by the three categories?

Bank America Visa Card does rewards by transaction making it completely transparent and easy to track which type of credit card purchases correspond to which category of Rewards.

I think their deception is intentional to avoid having to contest if a certain type of purchase qualifies as a travel expense. For example, your car breaks down on the way to the airport and you have to pay a tow truck 200 dollars to tow it. One could easily and logically argue that 3% should be applied to the $200 since the towing fee is very much a travel expense!

All this is a strong argument for demanding all Reward’s transactions be displayed with the Reward amount issued.  Remove the mystery credit card companies and you are much more likely to retain your customers. I know I am shopping right now for a new card that practices transparency with respect to their Rewards policy.

We also had issue with this card not removing a pending incidentals charge at Radisson Suites in El Paso,Texas.



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    1. How are you Dorinda? I had the same problem as Daniels. We can not see how much we are being given as cash back rewards for each of our transactions on our Sams Club MasterCard. Its impossible to tell what kind of transaction counts for travel. Can you help? Thank You 🙂

      1. Got another question for Sam’s Club representative Dorinda. Our cash back rewards check for $350 shows up as redeemed on master card website even though we have NOT received it! This is a piss poor and illegal accounting practice. Redeemed means customer has walked into store and presented check to cashier NOT that it has been postmarked!!!

      2. Mary, do you know the answer to the question: does Sam’s club master card charge a foreign transaction fee? I do. The answer is no. Sam’s club card holders are NOT charged a foreign transaction fee. Wish we had had a Sam’s club master card when we were in Toronto. VISA raped us for $1.35 per transaction even if it was a 99 cent pastry.
        David Weliver can fill you in on the history and details of this much hated additional fee.

    2. Good afternoon Dorinda,

      I am hoping you can explain an issue I am having with checking my Master Card balances and transactions online. Every time I login it wants to verify out net income. The amount of $54,000 is prefilled so the information is already stored on Sam’s club servers.

      So why do we keep getting the following long MESSAGE every time we sign in?

      Our records show that we do not have your updated income. Income is used to determine eligibility for future credit line increases. When disclosing income, please provide the annual net dollar amount of all of your sources of income.

      Alimony, child support or separate maintenance income need not be included unless relied upon for credit. You may include the annual amount that you have available to spend from your assets.

      Married WI Residents only: If this is an individual account and your spouse is also a WI resident, combine your and your spouse’s financial information.

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