Sarah Safi Seriously?



Sarah Safi was asked by store manager of Dollar General to leave store because of veil she was donning. The Gary, Indiana practitioner of Islam defied the store manager’s order by videoing the entire scene declaring that her right to be a Muslim supersedes the store’s right to exercise security precautions.

Look at it like this Sarah. If a man with a mask that concealed all his facial features walked into that same store, police would be dispatched without pause. All stores have the right to refuse service at their discretion. Punitive actions should be taken against you for making such a big deal about your right to obtrusively be a Muslim anywhere you want to be.

Why do you refuse to acknowledge the the store does not have time to discern whether or not you are a robber trying to make the manager and patrons believe your are a peaceful Muslim? You are also rather clueless given the extremist nature of many members of your religion. You do not practice prudent judgement in a country which is bombarded weekly by newscasts with the acts of Muslim terrorists.

Moreover, your attention seeking video is quite selfish not even considering the store’s need to easily identify all patrons in the event of a holdup. You are in America woman where your kind have severely damaged the reputation of Islam. ADVICE: take off your damn headdress or scarf next time you are in a place where perpetrator’s heights are measured as they exit the business! Also, I may actually vote for Trump after witnessing your audacious behavior. This one will follow you around for life. Obama and his administration has spoiled your kind into thinking there is no real problem between Christians and Muslims.



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