Sexual Predators, DWI, and squirt guns


Michele Rivera, age 32, was charged with her third DWI, causing great bodily harm by vehicle and reckless driving after police say she was driving erratically at a high rate of speed and hit aviation officer Robert Dilley, age 52, who lost control of his car and hit the center concrete barrier and a light pole before flipping over, according to police.

Rivera has had multiple dwi charges dismissed and now it is the legal system who allowed her to walk that must be held accountable and pay for the life threatening injuries caused by an irresponsible drunk driver!! Dilley, a seven year Albuquerque police veteran, deserves compensation for his family and Michele Rivera should be locked up. Even if they suspend her driver’s license, she will still get drunk and drive under the influence of alcohol as she has proven repeatedly she has no regard for human life and lives only to selfishly support her addiction to booze.

Also another story in the New Mexico state news briefs could not help but be noticed and remembered. Kevin Jaramillo is pleasured by filling squirt guns with his own semen and while indecently exposing himself to 9 and 10 year olds squirting it into their eyes and mouth. Makes you wonder if his built in biological semen squirter is not working?


Sexual predator uses squirt gun filled with bodily fluid
Sexual predator uses squirt gun filled with bodily fluid




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  1. Seattle north shore school district spokesperson Leanna albrecht reports lewd child porn sent to students in district. Includes accounts in Snohomish and king counties. District does not have own email servers and uses gmail accounts which were shut down until the punk that transmitted perverted emails apprehended. Sources say district is close to identifying perpetrator. Lawyer Wayne Fricke will probably defend deviant who really deserves no legal defense.
    This experienced sex crime attorney defended Meredith Powell the math teacher at Lincoln High School who allegedly gave a blow job to young male student. Acts of felatio are more common between consenting adults where female is tasting sperm of a viable mate.

    1. Susan Walsh, writing at and a sexy woman in her own right, knows the instinctive urge to taste a man’s spunk is normal.You can not marry a man if the taste test is not A+. However blow jobs on first date are still off limits. Watch old fashioned movie like Gone with the Wind at your apt on first date giving him hand job if it feels right…..take it from there slowly before that all important sperm fitness test.

      Susan is a smart woman who also declares 20% of the guys get 80% of available pussy supply. God I wonder if her writing about sex all the time makes her horny. Has she ever written about the quality of her own orgasms.

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