Sitting Atop the Food Chain has its Responsibilities


Before you form any strong opinions about the inhumanity associated with the production of that last tasty veal cutlet you consumed, please watch the video about the cruel conditions baby cows are subjected to in order for you to enjoy that meal!

Also please read the callous and uninformed opinion of an uninformed commentator(Tetzel-no surprise he chose this moniker-Johann Tetzel was a German Dominican preacher known for selling indulgences)¬†at Yahoo Answers: “I agree with Happy Cooker. Animals we use for food, despite the age at which they are harvested, are just that, animals we use for food.

Humans are Omnivores and we are meant to eat both meat and veggies. Those who are radical animal rights activists try to make animals we use for food equal to a human being. It’s a flawed philosophy. A good example is “The 1900 House” and a few other reality TV shows where people try to live as they did in the year 1900 or even further back, like frontier days. There is no way a person could survive back then just on vegetables and meat alternatives. Meat was the only food that provided the level of protein and essential elements that can keep a person healthy.

While some people can be vegans and totally shun meats nowadays thanks to technology, the people who choose that lifestyle invite increased health risks and cannot maintain an active lifestyle.

I hope more readers than NOT share my opinion that we are part of the food chain whether we like it or not, BUT that does not give us the right to torture baby cows in order to improve our gastronomic trifles and whims!! Please think about the horrific and tortuous conditions thousands of calves have been placed under before you purchase veal at places like Costco.


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  1. Admin, as far as I know Costco does not sell veal products purchased from places described in your post. Check your facts before publishing.

  2. Patsy Chesser a cowgirl from Roswell NM laments the fact coyotes are eating eating lambs on her sheep ranch. It’s all fair Patsy since humans eat sheep. We are all part of the circle of life. In the big scheme of things, humans are more evil than coyotes!!

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