Smiling Second Baseman


Brandon Emil Phillips is the second baseman for the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball. In the picture you see below Brandon is smiling from ear to ear because his employer foolishly chooses to pay him 14 million dollars per year.

Brandon’s team has lost around 7 games in a row which will probably cost them a wildcard playoff berth. If he were a team player, his demeanor would be much more subdued and reserved searching for a way to make it to the post season for the fans who pay his salary.

His pearly whites would make him a good pitch man for a cosmetic dentistry professional. Could happen in a country where Trump supporters have lost respect for professional athletes.

Los Angeles Angels second baseman loves his salary more than his teams playoff prospects



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  1. Pitcher Tony Sipp of Houston Astros allowed a double steal of 2nd and Third base against Boston Red Sox. Sipp never even looked back to second base to hold runner who easily stole third base against catcher who never had a chance. Both runners scored because of careless inattention of high paid professional.

    Sipp proved he cannot be trusted in playoff game by being unaware of game circumstances.

    1. Astro Fans did not get their money’s worth out of brad peacock against Red Sox Today. The pitcher, whose father was a police officer and who had a GREAT regular season record, completely folded not getting big outs and letting bosox back into the playoff series.

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