Somebody PLEASE put this Transcript Conversion Place out of Business



World Education Services profits from the desperate need of foreigners to have their college transcripts converted to a format acceptable to United States Universities and Colleges.

My wife earned her college degree in Dubai long before we were married. She had always aspired to teach languages at the university level.

She soon discovered that the format of her transcripts was not compatible with what was required for application and admission to Texas A&M College Station.

WES charged us over $200 to convert transcripts to format required by AggieLand  registrar. Price for this service seemed too high, but we had no choice.

WES took their sweet time(over a month)  to send converted transcripts to A&M.

She was accepted, but for reasons beyond our control, did not enroll. We settled in another part of the U.S. where she applied at three other junior/community  colleges.

She could not use the expensive copy of transcripts that she had from A&M application and was forced to pay $50 dollars per request for duplicate transcripts which totaled 150 bucks!

WES somehow owns her transcripts after being paid a lot of money to convert them and compute GPA. We believe their actions are monopolistic and constitute price gouging.

If you share the point of view that their practices are unfair, please comment. I would also like to know how the great country of Canada could possibly endorse the unethical actions of this company.

Oh, did I mention they did not respond to snail mail at their PO Box 5087, Bowling Green Station,NYC address?


World Educational Services Gouges for its transcript conversion service
World Education Services Gouges for its transcript conversion service

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  1. Based on following comment, all foreign transcript processing entities gouge to varying degrees knowing that users of the service have very little choice for service providers in this space:

    I initially used AACRAO (because they were cheaper than WES). Sent my documents by e-mail (scanned them in) on 1 Oct, thinking I was way early (deadlines 1, 15 Dec). Got a quick confirmation (looks automated) by e-mail that they received my documents. Then there was a long period of waiting and I e-mailed them several times – each time I was reassured that it was being done and would nearly be complete. I was about to give up on them so I e-mailed the uni I was applying to telling them of my plight (in advance of missing the deadline) and what step I was taking to resolve the situation – i.e. that I was going to use WES as well in case AACRAO didn’t work out.

    A few days after that, AACRAO confirmed that the had completed the evaluation and posted it out on 12 Nov. Felt relieved, but poorer. So far, my uni hasn’t confirmed receiving the transcripts though … (I’m hoping it’s just because they are busy).

    In the meantime, WES sends out an e-mail to me (16 Nov) saying that they cannot do the transcripts because what my uni sent was not detailed enough. I did MBBS – it’s not the kind of degree that GPAs are calculated for. I replied immediately to [dr at] to tell them this (after confirming with my original uni that there is really no more detailed transcript available). I have, up to today, not heard from them – not even acknowledging my reply.

    Once I get confirmation that the uni I’m applying to has received my AACRAO transcripts, I intend to ask for a refund from WES.(We were unable to get refund from WES from their overly expensive and slow response time service…we had horrible time with their customer service, especially after we paid them in advance for transcript conversion)

    To be honest, I’m not sure if I’d recommend either – I was quite stressed out by AACRAO initially, but one thing they did do right – they replied my e-mail queries promptly, even though the reply did not sound convincingly reassuring. What I would recommend, for anyone applying in the next intake, is to sort out their foreign transcripts months – perhaps 6 months – in advance.

    I’m sure this ordeal would turn off some good foreign applications to major United States Universities.

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