Sometimes Cops have to Shoot People


Who in the hell wants to be a policeman in the United States when every time a law enforcement officer uses his gun, it gets blown way out of proportion and exaggerated by the news media.

KOB in Albuquerque televised the headline Officer-Involved Shooting describing an officer who shot a man who was attacking his wife and children with a knife. The police officer tasered the head case father first. That did not slow him down. So the police officer shot and wounded the man. This news piece did not reveal the name of the police officer who appeared to be doing his job, but now will eventually have to face undeserved negative press. WHY didn’t KOB use the more accurate headline Police Officer saves the lives of a woman and her kids from psycho father? The Roswell Daily Record reported that the officer acted in accordance with his training as in any life threatening circumstance, any available tool may be used to stop life threatening action. Tom Joles and KOB chose to televise only that a OFFICER INVOLVED SHOOTING had occurred in Roswell which is biased breaking any respectable standard of neutral and objective reporting.

Roswell has a mayor named Del Jurney who supports police officers who use necessary force when apprehending dangerous subjects. Jurney proved this after Cowdy Towler died in police custody in a dark ally one night. The officers were temporarily suspended but reinstated after it was determined their actions were consistent with protecting citizens from an out of control meth addict.

News Media unfairly portrays police officers who shoot out of control violent criminals
News Media unfairly portrays police officers who shoot out of control violent criminals

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  1. Two Roswell police officers were found innocent of any wrong doing after they justifiably shot Rudy Lucero. Lucero was a felon who had shot at police before. Lubbock Texas litigator Damon Richards and Gary Mitchell were the lawyers who LOST the court case. The family members who initiated the lawsuit should be reprimanded and fined for trying to defend a troublemaker who had been in jail and was a threat to the community!

    1. RPD arrested Araceli Alvarado-Ramirez of Roswell at 3:46 am for stealing $736 worth of items from Walmart. In a town where the police force is pushed into being soft by a bunch of liberal, whiney citizens, it is no surprise that shoplifters try to brazenly walk out of Walmart with $736 worth of merchandise!

      Believe she worked for Mexican Social Security Institute and went to high school in Guadalajara Mexico. Does anyone know if she is legal citizen of USA?

  2. I know that Ron Fournier has to be a Black Man. Why? Ron Fournier characterized Michael Brown’s strong armed robbery of a convenience store as a petty crime. Fournier’s trivializing of violent crime makes one wonder how he PAID his way through his journalism curriculum! I think I know.

    Love the following Tweet: I am a Ph.D. student but I am also a young black angry woman who smokes cigarettes and drinks, if I die #ideservedit
    — Ayanna Dozier

    Not sure what Dozier is trying to intimate, but bet she is “earning” her degree at the online University of Phoenix

    1. How many ignorant negroes are going to continue to cry that their thug Michael brown was unarmed when he was shot by police officer Darren Wilson. How about a large “unarmed” white man is raping one of your sisters and you kill him. Justified homicide right brotha! Your homie attacked Wilson in his car. Your fellow hoodlum had robbed a convenience store and had history of crime and trouble making. Get over it guys and enough of your confirmation bias where you are just saying he was unarmed. The boy was looking for trouble and found it. LETS move on!!

      1. The following hyper liberal video caption penned by NYC reporter Mitch Smith misrepresented the fear felt by police officer who shot Tamir Rice. Mitch should lose his journalism license for printing white police officer shoots 12 year old black kid “playing” with his gun.

        The Cleveland police released surveillance video showing officers fatally shooting a 12-year-old boy who was playing with a toy gun.

      2. Thanks to former prosecutor Kimberly Guilfoyle for being brave enough to tell everybody that young black men are the cause of the race problem. The 16 year old who was shot once for each of his 16 worthless years after running down the street resisting arrest waving a knife!

      3. The 23-year-old Milwaukee Black man who was shot by police was carrying a gun that had been stolen in a March burglary in suburban Waukesha.

        The traffic stop found there were 23 rounds in the gun that that DEAD black man was pointing at policeman. Stupid blacks will continue to get slaughtered for stealing weapons and behaving in aggressive fashion around general public and police officers.

        Sylville K. Smith was SHOT dead by black cop. Smith had a long line of gun crimes on his record and needed to be DEAD. For good measure, all the people who are torching cars and being hoodlums should be terminated too!

        1. Black mother Jacqueline Craig has a 7 year old son who is a litterbug. He littered in a neighbors yard and refused to pick it up when told to do so by neighbor. Mom called the police rather than acknowledge she was at fault for not raising her 7 year old better. Yet another example of an irresponsible negro who blames white america rather than raise a kid with good manners.

          The video by Porsha Craver did not show everything. Let’s hope their lawyer S. Lee Merritt realizes the white police officer was doing his job and the black mother needs to amp up her parenting skills.

          1. RACHAELL DAVIS, black victim advocate writing for Essence, states Craig was brutalized by white police officer. As long as sister Rachaell with two L’s keeps penning falsehoods, she is harming the African American cause. Just check and see if she has written about any of the multiple instances where black men where incontrovertibly brutal criminals and gunning them down was the only choice. Grow up girlfriend if you want to become a credible and respected writer!!

            1. Minor Johnaa Pendleton committed MAJOR offense by striking a police officer in the face. Officer was at scene breaking up a fight started by Pendleton. She is a punk hiding behind being legally a minor. Lock her ass up in one of them Philly jail cells. That should adjust her attitude sufficiently. You hit somebody sista, you gonna get hit back!!

              1. Thanks to Texas State Trooper Steve Culling for the work he did with respect to addictive cough syrup. He exposed a number of upper middle class pharmacists who were complicit.

    2. That’s a lot of crap. Ayanna Doziers is earning a PHD at McGill University, Canada. Her extreme intelligence make her twice as sexy as she already is and more willing to explore nonconventional sex.

  3. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, a leader of the Black Panthers, says he is tired of dead bodies in Ferguson, Missouri. He screams “We are not going to take it anymore.” He will have to continue to live with his Brothas getting shot by law enforcement as long as they continue to agitate and intimidate law abiding white people. Darren Wilson shot an out of control thug who was looking for a fight and got the one that ended his life.

  4. Thanks Randal Seyler for alerting Roswell to the existence of cop hater Mike Clark. I don’t think Mike Clark(must be close friend of Rick Wolfert)would mind if police used deadly force to protect his wife from home invader. Why would we doubt the convictions of a man like Mike Clark who follows police officers around town trying to catch them going 35 mph in a 30 mph speed zone? He should move to Ferguson, Missouri and see what it is like to be mauled by a 270 pound black man when you were minding your own business.

    1. Ron Smith, president of Roswell police officer association, invited Mike
      Clark to ride around with RPD officer rather than whine about creating a civilian oversight group for the improprieties Clark believes are committed by Roswell police officers. I doubt Clark accepts invitation. He would rather bitch and see his name in the paper rather than se the truth about the difficult and underpaid job our officers have!

    2. I wager that Rick Wolfert smokes pot based on his weekly criticisms of the RPD in his letter to the editors. He accuses Roswell police officers of arbitrarily pulling people over to check for drug paraphernalia. Rick, if you want to inhale grass, stay at home and write letters about how long it has been since there has been a burglary in your neighborhood.

  5. Dave Clary of Roswell,NM makes some erroneous assumptions in his letter to the editor trying to usurp power from RPD officers. The police targets of young men and minorities are historically groups that get into the most trouble. They are targeted for empirical reasons. Maybe if your daughter gets raped by one of these “target groups” you will soften your “intelligent” but ignorant ramblings.

    1953 NMMI Captain Irby Nichols, Captain David Clary, Captain W. H. Trumbo, Captain Merton L. Dillon.

    1. Robert D. Guerin was shot and killed by Roswell Police Officers at his home at 710 South Aspen Drive. He was pointing his shotgun at police officers and was ordered 47 times to place his shotgun on the ground. Alarmed residents called 911 and police stating Guerin was driving like a maniac waving a shotgun in alley between Pine and Aspen. His punk friend Steven Boykin says police did not have to shoot Guerin who continually refused to cooperate with RPD. News for you Boykin: ROSWELL CITIZENS DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT GROWN MEN LIKE YOU AND YOUR DEAD FRIEND WHO NEVER GREW UP!!!!! Sorry you boys did not get enough attention as kids. Get your act together man!!

      1. Barbara Beck liberal acolyte Tom McDonald needs to spend some time in “The Hood” on the weekend. We need cops patrolling that area, but McDonald wants to take the guns out of the hands of police officers.Tom, your job is to report what happened not render your insular uninformed opinion. The only way any of us give a SHIT about your opinion is if you had been in that alley between Pine and Aspen when that maniac punk that you claim is a “hard working family man” was terrorizing the neighborhood! If Guerin had almost run over your daughter, I bet you would not be championing the rights of another “victim alcoholic” You sit back at your desk and intellectualize what the cops should have done without having a clue what it is like to have a moron pointing a shotgun at you refusing to place it on ground. Who cares what you THINK unless you are the one out there with you life on the line!!!!!!!

        1. Read the letter to editor of Roswell resident Craig Abalos very carefully. His intelligently penned commentary presages increasingly frequent human slaughter events like San Bernardino, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Aurora,Colorado, Roseburg, Oregon, Chattanooga, Tenn, Charleston, S.C., Marysville, Washington, Isla Vista, Ca, Santa Monica, Ca, and Seal Beach, Ca.

          Craig politely refers to owners of assault rifles as gun nuts. Roswell is home to many of these idiots who get way with ignoring the language “well regulated” in our second amendment of the constitution! NRA has a big hand in the out of control proliferation of automatic weapons.

        2. It took Teri Matelson of Silver City to refute the ignorance of our editor Tom McDonald. Tom actually wrote concerns about citizens electing a dictator not even being aware of the concept of checks and balances in our government, in particular presidential vetoes and congressional overrides. Only thing worse than a liberal is a stupid liberal.

          I know you newspaper people don’t make much money, but for christ’s sake, at least hire somebody who was awake during high school government class!

          1. I wonder if the San Vicente Artist read Killing by cops not exclusive to the big cities by Tom McDonald? I know you have deadlines to meet Tom, but try a little harder to tell us something we do NOT know. Police officers do not have time to determine the root cause or have a therapy session with suicide by cop mindsets. Robert D Guerin was a needy kid in a 33 year old body who was terrorizing a neighborhood. Travis Vierra expects compassion from state police trooper after he opened fire in stolen vehicle near Belen. Similar story with Josh Herrera.

            We do appreciate your efforts as a watch dog, but like you said there are good and bad cops. Your profession has good and bad editors. Lose your knee jerk injustice has been committed reaction to every shooting of a criminal story that comes across your desk.

      2. Marie Wicker still faults Roswell Police for shooting and killing Guerin. Her rational is based on the sanitized version of Guerin’s actions rather than the reality he was a 30 year old man who never really grew up seeking attention at any expense including his suicide by cop ploy which worked. Marie just reads the newspaper account of events without really being aware of Guerin’s long trouble making and disturbed history. Had Wicker lived anywhere near that area, she would have known that Guerin had a death wish. Instead she is naive enough to believe Guerin deserved compassion and second chance. Miss Wicker, for people like you to “get it” a thug like Guerin would have to knock on your door or break into your house before you realize the cops did the right thing!

      3. Brianna Hodge was given way too much space in Friday’s Roswell Daily Record. She believes police brutality is prevalent in the United States. How much writing do you do at Starbucks girlfriend? Vicious and troubled human beings populate this planet in relatively small numbers Brianna. Some of them have to be killed in public so you can opine about the surfeit of bad cops on Facebook outdoors at your favorite coffee shop. Pay some rent and support yourself and your opinion will change and become more worldly and respected cuz right now you are a wet behind the ears little girl who believes nobody should be killed by police officers!

        1. Ask any of the, population 250, residents of Lamy NM if they know Tom Hyland. Being of the the polite ilk and honoring the teachings of the Holy Bible, they won’t say much. Tom refers to police officers as psychopathic murderous freaks in his letter to the Roswell Daily Record. Tom has extremely high testosterone levels for a 60 year old man which may explain why he became aggressive with an officer for pulling him over for having a trailer hitch that obstructed the viewing of his license plate.

          Mr Hyland does not seem to recognize that he is completely safe in any public place in the United States 99% of the time because of an effective police force. Instead, the bitter old man rants and raves about any officer involved shooting that makes the news. Moreover, he is stupid enough to write scathingly critical accounts in newspapers with his name appended. There are plenty of police officers who read the newspapers Mr. Hyland. Think about that the next time you irresponsibly blow off steam for being caught breaking the law! I sure would not want to be your wife. Poor woman. You give New Mexico a bad name. I hope there is still time for you to grow up. My husband is state trooper and has to politely tolerate the immaturity of old retired farts like you weekly. You give the land of Enchantment a bad name.

          1. Tom Hyland does not recognize that the mass media reporting of clown incidents around country is more related to driving up advertising revenue for newspapers and tv stations. Media is effectively admitting profits from advertising more important than public safety.

            Many disruptive strange clown sightings being reported in my home town of Roswell nm. Tom has an inflated enough ego to Google his own name, so I am sure he will stumble upon this and comment gushing Frankenstein metaphors

      4. Brandon Keith Boykin, not the Georgia football player, was arrested for his fifth Aggravated DWI in Roswell NM. Broken system allows these degenerates who have no self control to continue to legally drive. Judges who let them back on street should be fired.

      5. Is this the same Steve Boykin artist who who paints or photographs art landscapes? This guy is very talented and seems to have disappeared off the face of planet. Do you have his contact info?

      6. I want to thank police MAN Scott Wrenn for having to tolerate all the scrutiny from knee jerk liberals who believe no citizens should ever be shot. Jeff Tucker reported in RDR that Guerin’s meth blood levels were off the charts high confirming his desire to die. He would have been a burden on society if he was still living. A lot of wasted tax payer money for somebody incurably addicted to meth. I am reminded of another young man of remarkable promise, named Cody, who also lost his battle with meth.

        1. Jeremy L Hatch, his blood coursing with high concentrations of Meth, was slaughtered like the animal he was when he was struck by 13 bullets at Taco Bell parking lot in Roswell NM. RIP. Joseph Ray Mendiola wanted by FBI is the ringleader of biggest meth operation in Alien City.

        2. 7 month pregnant mother Shampane M. Baca( 1400 block of Hoagland Street), was arrested with a meth pipe in her possession. She has an outstanding warrant for another arrest. Judge E.J. Fouratt of Roswell NM released her on her own recognizance apparently sympathetic to her pregnancy. If she hits us in a Parking lot somewhere, we will sue the city and the judge.

  6. Walter Scott the black man shot and killed by white police officer had been arrested 10 times, charged with assault and battery, and delinquent on child support payments multiple times. He screamed and yelled at police officer for even pulling him over for traffic stop. Another example of a trouble making “black victim”. The police officer should be charged with manslaughter.

  7. Thanks to Astronomy club coordinator Peggy Bohlin for recognizing one of Roswell’s finest , officer Kevin Weekley who provided emotional support for her son after truck accident. Kevin has made a name for himself as a fair and honest gentleman who loves our embattled spoiled community who fights about silly things like shutting down a public pool that had been an eyesore and safety hazard for years. He should be recognized for his unrelenting initiative, innovative police work, and his exemplary citizen involvement.

    1. A guy named E.J. Wilson will be trying to sell copies of his official UFO guide at what was once Ginsberg Music. I think it’s called Roswell Landing bookstore which will probably go the way of many of those shoe string budget shops in the main second street area.
      Can we buy copies Wilson’s book here? Not interested in autograph. I heard his fact checking is well above industry standard,

  8. Carnell Snell Jr was justifiably shot dead by LAPD. He and his father senior had felony convictions. I am proud of those brave white police officers not afraid to slaughter black animals running around waving guns. To hell with all the black nigga mothers crying how their punk trouble making sons are dead! ambrose Kane writes intelligently on the criterion chosen by police before they open fire on undereducated negros.

    1. Right on dude! Same crap with Blacks whining that their depressed, aggressive NFL football player Joe McKnight who was shot dead by white man who was defending himself from the dangerous driving of McKnight who cut him off and then chased down Gasser in traffic. Why do you think Gasser was released from custody after admitting he gunned down black man who was driving with a vengeance? Drive safer all you angry black maniacs and you will get to live long enough to keep using your EBT cards.

      Sister Denasia Lawrence genuflected and knelt for her misperceptions about black thugs getting unjustifiably killed just before she sang national anthem at NBA game. 90% of the brothers are out causing trouble when they get shot. Be good boys and you won’t have to croak in the middle of a street in New Orleans

  9. Judge Nicole Taylor Baltimore Maryland should be immediately prosecuted as an accomplice in the death of Curtis Jamal Deal(Pigtown Product) She let a known violent heroin pushing gun owning 18 year old negro boy get gunned down by police who had no choice after Deal pointed gun at them in a police pursuit.

    Only way to stop this unbearable repeat offender cycle is to lock up crooked corrupt judges. Talking points far right dude O’reilly would opine similarly!!!! Bill, why did you quit calling people you disfavor pinheads?

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