Special Teams Penalties happen Too Much


Johnson Bademosi, cornerback for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League in the United States of America, was called for holding a player for the New York Giants on a punt play. His infraction pushed his team backwards 10 or 15 yards. It appeared to me he did nothing wrong to gunner Dwayne Harris who was running down the field to tackle the punt returner.

As an observer of the NFL from a visiting world traveler’s point of view , I wish the league would figure out a way to rid the spectators of these irritating penalties that seem to occur on EVERY kickoff or punt play.

Are the high paid combatants not aware of the rules that govern the kicking game? Why don’t the coaches pull players from the game when they commit penalty that costs their team critical field position?

Perhaps NFL officials should change the rules to avoid these game stoppages that cause viewers to change the channel reducing commercial ad revenue.


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