Sprint and Verizon should issue credit for PSMS fraud


Rant         Why should the victims of cramming, who were charged for “premium” text message services  such as horoscopes, trivia, and sports scores that they did NOT ask for, EVEN HAVE to FILE a CLAIM?!

Thanks to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson for his aggressive litigation against Verizon and Sprint, but they should AUTOMATICALLY credit the accounts of all aggrieved customers!

There should be no burden on customers to do anything other than wait for a credit on their next bill. This reminds me of the gift card class action lawsuit where there were no winners other than the litigating law firm.

We went to Sprint site called sprintrefundpsms.com(PSMS stands for Premium Short Message Service) and it stated we needed to be in receipt of post card or email with our claim number in order to proceed to get our refund. The pricks had the audacity to insist we do not call Sprint Customer Care(quite the contradiction in terms…..do Sprint and Customer Care belong in the same sentence?…..Not unless SUCKS is somewhere nearby!) or the courts to ask questions about eligibility for recovering damages for being ripped off by Sprint. Also, this does not relate to DCB or Direct Carrier Billing. I don’t know why, because we have seen suspicious charges there that Sprint customer service could not explain.

Combine Corporate Greed along with government led restitution and what else but a a bumbling, ineffective outcome should consumers expect?

Why should you have to file online claim against Sprint or Verizon when they could just cr
Why should you have to file online claim against Sprint or Verizon when they could just credit your account




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