Stop the Raging Over Selfies


The last three or four generations of high school graduates has withstood an inordinate amount of criticism for being narcissistic, self absorbed, and hyper smart phone selfie takers!

The old farts who are the most hypercritical would have done the same thing if the blue gummed, blue haired pricks had had access to the same technology the kiddos have today. Becky Wells, writing a culture piece for Elite Daily,  points out that Selfies or Self-captured images allow young adults to express their moods,  frustration levels, love interests, and share other important experiences with anybody who happens to give a crap.

So all you party pooping senior citizens need to get use to this wave of expression. Also find something to do with your retirement lives other than making fun of kids who are enjoying life much more than you curmudgeons!

BTW Becky of Sussex, England needs to post some selfies and remove the self-effacing comments about her figure and looks from her overly modest profile.


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