Stopping at Red Light at 108 MPH Presents Challenges


Reading the morning paper at the Subway Sandwich  Shop on North Main in Roswell, I became aware I would have had a ringside seat to the 108 miles per hour collision that almost killed Kira Shannon.

A young man, with what appears to be dyed blond hair driving a Toyoya Tacoma owned by an Artesia Mexican food place, blazed northbound running a red light at an intersection in a 35 mph speed limit zone at a reported speed of over 100 mph.

Alarmed motorists near Brasher about four miles South of the vehicle(Toyota Camry) shredding impact, reported to police that Jonathan Caraveo was driving erratically sometimes in the southbound lane.

The presumed Burritos Y Salsa employee was charged with three counts of reckless endangerment, many traffic infractions, and a minor felony.

Without getting into any more particulars regarding this life changing devastation caused by an egregiously negligent possessor of a drivers license,  I implore the law firm of Atwood, Malone, Turner, and Sabin to NOT turn this into another Ethan Couch sideshow.


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  1. Sexy reporter Claire Mena of KRQE wrote a piece about the hardships endured by Shannon consequent to the hide speed impact crash in Alien City. The reckless endangerment lawsuit could close the doors of Burritos and Salsa Artesia restaurant that we always stop at touring the land of enchantment. Will miss the skin tight jeans of horny young Mexican women there.

    Claire also wrote fascinating piece on the horrific effect of Netflix binge watching walking dead series on the life of Damon Perry and Christopher Paguin who was repeatedly stabbed by Perry believing Paguin was a zombie. Binge alcoholics like Perry are living in Hell.

  2. 15 year old Roswell NM teen Camryn Castro splattered himself on the pavement of South Union and Davidson Drive ramming into a white Dodge Magnum at speed of around 80 miles per hour. This kid had blown past us in this 35 mph speed zone multiple times without regard for his own life or the drivers around. Our city now has one less reckless motorcycle maniac to worry about.
    The officers should give the speeding ticket to his parents.

    1. Wow @ Price Creamery Memoirs, this CHILD lost his life not all but 24 hours ago, and yet you immediately attack him. I do not condone his driving at a high rate of speed because yes he not only put himself but others in dangers as well. I do not think that any 15 year old should be driving a motorcycle to begin with but he did. If you had seen him multiple times driving at high rates of speed, you should have spoken up then not after this child lost his life. Please remember this young man is a son, brother, someone who meant everything to his family, and he just lost his life. His family is grieving, try to be more respectful of others even when someone or something happened because of irresponsibility.

      1. Better him losing his life than the K-5 kid walking home from school who happened to be crossing the street. I am sure you would not be as compassionate if Camryn ran over your CHILD at 80 mph. That would be an enjoyable trip to the morgue.

      2. Roswell husband I. S. Sonny Schaeffer reports the extreme inefficiency of the MVD with respect to the multiple hassles and trials his beloved wife faced dealing with the new voter ID law. She had to run back and forth to doctors office forgetting to check appropriate boxes. Doctor filled in written information not compatible with inflexible poorly designed forms. Sonny must be a bloody Englishman.

        1. Thank you Linda Kral for adding clarity to the extreme chaos that occurs every Frigging day at the MVD in alien city! The place sucked prior to the confusing changes to the voter ID laws. Now it’s a total zoo with angry people shouting and walking out pissed off! Your letter to editor should have been unnecessary if MVD was doing its job properly!

        2. I found it slightly unusual that RDR crime reporter Trevier Gonzalez was given the assignment of covering yet another problem with our beleaguered Motor Vehicle Division. The claim was that the MVD had reached its fire safety capacity limit and had to send customers out to wait in scorching above 100 degree heat. I do not see how this relates to criminal charges. Perhaps Trevier did not have anything criminal to report which is hard to believe given the meth and alcohol crisis that plagues alien city.

          Wildermuth, RPD spokesman, stated the MVD decided to post lower maximum capacities than our fire marshal permitted.

      3. Dear Faith Hope And love,

        Ask Robert J. Morris what he thinks about “judge” Fouratt letting somebody who killed somebody else with his car go free?

        What do you think about Orlando Padilla killing Zora Lykins while driving under the influence of ambien and probably alcohol? Zora died due to broken neck after being rear ended in a chain reaction caused by Padilla.

        Judge E. J. Fouratt droped The vehicular homicide charge against Orlando without stating why. The why is obvious if you know anything about Fouratt.

        Assistant district attorney Michael Thomas struggled to conceal his disappointment over the careless caprice of the fickle magistrate judge!! Expert witness Rong-Jen Hawang supported DA in relatively unbroken testimony.

        Offspring of the deceased, Darlene Starling and Tim Lykins were upset beyond description at this miscarriage of justice in their letter to the editor.

    2. Michael R. Torrez disintegrated at the intersection of south Main and Burkett on his motorcycle at a speed of 179 miles per hour.

      Had Torrez not killed himself September 12, he would have been guilty of vehicular homicide at a later date. Roswell is a little safer with morons like him off the road who drive lethal weapons rather than motorcycles.

      1. Albuquerque resident Jodi Stinebaugh ,who lives on Charleston between Claremont and Phoenix, has had to tolerate high speed nuts in her neighborhood who threaten the lives of people in area!!

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