Suicide NOT the fault of the Jail House


Raynbow Gignilliat, from Atlanta, assaulted family members(her mother I believe) and criminally damaged property following a fight at her mother’s domicile. Due to her out of control and unpredictably dangerous behavior, she was placed in solitary confinement at her family’s request. They wanted her placed in a mental hospital, but could not afford it.

Gignilliat killed herself while incarcerated in Sandoval County, New Mexico facilities and her family is filing a federal lawsuit because the government could not take care of the same problem child that the FAMILY was afraid of and could not care for!

The head case was smearing poop all over herself, stripping naked, screaming, and hallucinating while she was locked up in jail because her family had called police due to domestic battery and the destroying of property in their Rio Rancho home.

The authorities did the family a favor by arresting the acutely disturbed woman and locking her up and now the family is suing them! This same family would have also filed a lawsuit had the cops refused to pick up their head case daughter!

All due sympathy to the family for being stuck with an incorrigible daughter who never grew up and appeared to be an addict, but blaming the authorities for the suicide of the daughter that was a menace to your safety is wrong. Its is your problem. Deal with it! Maybe she ended up that way due to your substandard parenting ability.



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  1. Dylan Noble is another case of suicide by cop despite his mother’s claim lethal force was unnecessary. The disturbed Fresno Ca 19 year old continued to aprroach officers reaching for his pocket baiting cops into shooting him. He is dead now just like he wanted. Just prior to fatal shooting he told officer his life was terrible

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