Taking Care of Lazy, Financially Irresponsible Parents


Polite Ranting is Healthy

The question of whether children should take on the burden of parents who were NOT financially responsible is quite the moral dilemma. Why? Your parents probably provided for your emotional, financial, and nutritional needs until you were at least 18 years of age.

ALL of my in-laws were frugal, provident, and had the foresight to prepare for their retirement, while my parents were NOT. I have had multiple exchanges with them to consider their future more seriously, only to be met stern glances and hurt feelings. I would always be willing to help them out financially, but I want to avoid resentment when I don’t feel they’re doing their part to support themselves!

Our problem is more in depth, but it comes down to a lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed to and spoiled by,while their children are living more conservatively, not taking long vacations or eating at expensive restaurants. They also belong to a church that ignores retirement planning so their liberal “house of the lord” is of little support in the process of my parents becoming more financially responsible.

The problem is more complicated than this letter describes, but I do think there are many other cases, like my miserable situation, where if I’m supporting my parents financially, I should have a say in how they live.  This very similar to the notion of Helping without Hurting.  This issue has to be addressed as more baby-boomers move into retirement. It is not just a Philadelphia Pennsylvania problem. I know many parents reading this must be thinking what an ungrateful little pig! I took care of that little snot nosed punk his entire life and this is what I get in return. My reply is you chose to procreate and the result was me and my siblings. I don’t owe you a thing MOM and POP!


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