The Cruel and Unusual Punishment Alternative


Dylan Roof has already become another unbearable public spectacle illuminating the absurdity of how United States judicial branch is way too easy on on known killers and monsters.

During a videotaped interview he described how he almost decided not to gun down hard working honest black Americans during a Bible study session at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. Roof is getting way too much attention which is more of the media’s fault than his.

He stated during testimony he could have walked out and just finally decided he had to kill black people before they killed more white people sometimes disrespectfully laughing as though he had not a worry in the world.

Due process, worshipped in our legal system, should be suspended for this lowlife. A quick inexpensive execution would suffice costing taxpayers nothing and eliminating a murdering fool from the populace.

How many of us recall the president elect advocating waterboarding against Islamic State militants? Maybe if attention seeking psychopaths like Roof feared the possiblity of torture versus the celebrity he has attained because of unjustified media exposure, there would be NO mass murder slaughters like what transpired at African American church in Charleston, S.C.

Yes!, a little cruel and unusual punishment might amp up the security in our country and deter national tragedies caused by head cases who need to be dead.


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  1. I suspect Glen Post, the owner of Pecos River Station, would not oppose the slow torturing death of violent crime perpetrator Lane Reed. A clerk, employed by Post, was mopping the floor of Pecos River Station and the granddaughter of clerk was behind the counter. He said Reed pointed a gun at the girl and threatened to kill her if the clerk didn’t give him money and the keys to her vehicle.

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