The Golden Gate Bridge Rental Car Toll Fee Dilemma


We rented a car from Enterprise in Dallas around a two months ago for a trip out to the Bay Area in California. I Preferred that to the hassle of flying and all the edgy, aggressive, over medicated folks on commercial planes these days.

We entered San Francisco  area from Golden Gate Bridge and left the same way in the Nissan Rogue that Enterprise gave us a great two week rate on. On the way out(south bound I believe), the bridge cameras captured  an image of our rental SUV tag. We were aware that we had 48 hours to pay off the toll to avoid a violation.

We went to the website trying the Pay-By-Plate option. It was not functioning and when we tried by phone, the attendant was uncooperative claiming the site was not down to her knowledge.

We took no action after that, and about 2 weeks later received a $22 pending charge from enterprise car tolls roslyn heights New York. There is no doubt that Enterprise is completely justified in billing us for the toll fee, but there is ZERO transparency here because we don’t know how much of the charge is for the toll fee, late charges, and any processing fees Enterprise levies. There is NO itemization! Has anybody else been through this? Me thinks car rental businesses just LOVE it when their customers go to San Francisco! Has many of earmarks of a tourist trap don’t you think?


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  1. STEVE BOUSQUET wrote a piece that detailed the inconvenience of Adam Cohen who was ripped off by Hertz. Happened in Florida to the Connecticut resident .

    Also Marcus Darnley of Chicago informs us of a similar scam he and his wife experienced while vacationing in California. He rented a car from Avis and 3 weeks later was billed $15.20 for “tolls and bridges” charge that were never disclosed in rental agreement/contract.

    David Frisbie wrote about rental car companies toll-collection devices.
    Frisbie, of Del Mar, Calif., rented a car from Avis in Tulsa and paid a $4 toll in cash on the Oklahoma Turnpike. After he returned the car, his bill stated he owed $12.75 for the toll and a convenience fee for using the car’s toll-collection device(transponder).

    Jennifer Abel also writes about fake or inflated toll charges where Xerox was party to a lawsuit regarding plate scanners.

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