The most common type of sexual assault on a College Campus


          Rant    The following is the first paragraph of a letter composed by a group of University of California students imploring administration to include student input into the University’s sexual assault prevention policy. It sounds like UC Berkeley is just trying to be in compliance with the law on this one and does not really care what the students think.

Sexual assault” on a college campus is frequently much different than sexual assault in a dark alley off campus. Quite often “sexual assault” on a college campus was initially consensual before the female decided she was not as horny as she thought, and the poor guy just could not stop. The flip side of this is that I knew Baptist white girls at Baylor in Waco,TX who bragged about doing the walk of shame from the apartments of some of the well known Black Student Athletes. They would sometimes  walk extra slow(even faking agony) wanting their jealous sorority girl friends to know they had been with a top stud on campus. Let’s not forget, in the not too distant past, that black men were incarcerated for allegedly raping white women when, in fact, the white woman wanted it but was trying to save face.   This has happened a lot. Research it….

Practically speaking, No only means No prior to the female agreeing to be alone privately with the male. I can just hear some 18 year old girl donning skin tight clothing vehemently stating No always means No.

Also for all you Berkeley brainiacs who were involved in writing this dull, dead-head sounding letter advocating your participation in the integration of a prevention policy, common sense by the female is the least expensive, pragmatic way to “solve the problem”. Don’t be alone with horny young males unless you are ready to dance the horizontal boogie. 80% of all “sexual assaults” begin with two hot to trot young people and ending with a pissed off female reporting it to law enforcement.

The other 20% of true sexual assaults should be dealt with swiftly to the full extent of the law punishing the lowlifes who committed the rape.


As students of the University of California, we are proposing a new development in student-administration communication and cooperation, specifically regarding the campuswide sexual-assault-awareness campaign. Both regents and administrators alike have begun to address this extremely important issue on each respective campus — yet the student voice is not fully considered in the conversation. This is exemplified by the lack of student input solicited by the UC Berkeley administration. We urge(insist would be better choice of terms) each campus to give students the opportunity to participate in the integration of prevention policy, not just as bystanders but also as liaisons.


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