The N Word Blues


Deonte Holloman wanted Black Mountain Middle School in California to spend $36,000 to reprint their yearbook containing a racial slur very much related slavery which was prevalent in that region long ago. The epithet was not mean spirited and only reflective of the historical aspects of the area which young people should not ignore.

The N word appears in many documents to properly convey the ethos and culture of the region at that time. Holloman is over reacting close to the common knee jerk mentality our country has enough of.

Upset parent espisodes are quite common these days and in many cases quite justified given low teacher retention and high turnover. In some extreme instances, guys like Ryan David Leslie call the school threatening to shoot teachers and staff. Let’s avoid these boiling points!


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  1. Two Mesa Middle school(Roswell NM) football coaches sustained injuries in a vicious fight over players uttering the word nigger.

    50 year old black man and assistant coach Thomas Davis fired 15 punches after being head butted by head coach Gabriel Flores Delara who could be the assistant coach’s son.

    The head coach filed a police report for assault charges against the enraged African American assistant coach

  2. I substitute taught at Mesa middle school and it was the worst day of my life!! Disrespectful kids, non supportive staff, parents who support their snot nosed kids. Not surprised that Thomas K Davis has been unfairly charged with battery. He should hire Doug Jones Witt who is good at getting guilty people off. Head coach should have been charged too!!

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