The Onerous Responsibility of Title IX Reporting



A relative works at a community or a junior college in South Eastern New Mexico and she now has to deal with sexual impropriety as an additional job responsibility. Her job description now requires she helps to create a safe and secure learning environment by reporting sexual misconduct or criminal activities.

A government program called Title IX prohibits sex discrimination which includes sexual misconduct/harassment, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. If she observes acts of harassment or assault, she is required to report it to the Title IX Coordinator  or to Campus Police Department. She can request full confidentiality, but does not have a full guarantee that her anonymous status will be upheld.

As an instructor, one of her responsibilities is to help create a safe learning environment on campus. As mentioned, she also has a mandatory reporting responsibility. She is required to share information regarding sexual misconduct or information about a crime that may have occurred on  campus with the Title IX Coordinator and the Campus Police.

All this makes me happy I am not a teacher! Teachers, as a group, are underpaid and even sometimes bullied by administrators, and now all this extra stressful work heaped on their plate. They are always around young people with a strong sexual impulse which inevitably leads to fights and accusations of rape. Thank God there are honorable people still willing to occupy this once noble profession!


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