The prevalence of Opiod pain killing overdoses


Doctors assured Betty Tully, suffering from a degenerative back disease, that the opioid drug OxyContin would relieve her back pain without any side effects.

Betty instinctively opposed ingesting another pain killing substance, as she was already popping quite a few pills. However she acquiesced to the acumen of her physician who she felt must have held her well being as their top priority.

While the opioid medication was initially effective in making her back pain disappear, she reached a point where she required more and more for the same effect becoming a pain killer addict claiming that her brain screamed for it! Betty had become A LEGAL DRUG ADDICT due to the negligence of her doctor and,as far as I know, did not retain a lawyer to sue for damages.

Miss Tully and other chronic pain sufferers have become very small cogs in a for profit drug making machine. There is no drug in the world that does NOT have, at least one, unpleasant side effect.

Doctors , who are levers in this same machine, are trusted less today than ever before because many of them have sold out to huge pharmaceutical interests telling their patients potentially deadly medications have no downside.

Read the work of addiction specialist Andrew Kolodny where he describes how physicians overstate the effectiveness of certain drugs while grossly understating the risk of life threatening addiction. This essentially ┬ámakes some doctors prostitutes repeating to their patients the “research” of for profit drug manufacturers who have to sell their pills to somebody!

One has to be especially circumspect when dealing with a young doctor buried deep in medical school student loan debt. They are more likely to be running a “pill mill” prescribing unnecessary medications to pay off their enormous mountain of debt.





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