The Right to Shoot Back


Rant        Syndicated Columnist(still don’t know what that means) John Stossel rationally speculates on what might have been in the Paris’ Bataclan theater slaughter had it been more straightforward for French folk to own guns.

Most of their citizens do not carry or own weapons because of the extreme hassle of having to prove to the police one is “exposed to exceptional risk of harm” to your life. John did not consider how many of the 1500 concert goers might have been involved in a road rage related incident on their way had they been in possession of a firearm, but this writer believes that unlikely event is more than offset by ones right to defend themselves from assault rifle wielding thugs!

Stossel has a dog in this fight. He writes that some nut put up a “Kill John Stossel website”. I believe that should qualify John for gun ownership….don’t you? Maybe even a conceal and carry permit.

He details the onerous and absurd process of reading 50 pages of NYC weapon law and filling out 17 page form as part of applying for weapon ownership. His application to own and/or carry a weapon was rejected because of a lawsuit against him that had been dropped as publicized in New York Times article!

As many before him, John points out the obvious fact that bad guys target gun-free zones which, alone, should make lawmakers reconsider the ludicrous and unfair resistance our law abiding citizens have to overcome in order to protect themselves!


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