TV Stolen From Hotel Room


Small towns each have their own quaint unique charm. Many small town newspapers have police blotters and even put the email address of the article writer after the article! You can see that Jessica Palmer has to worry about responding to a torrent of email for every article she pens! I do not think small town newspaper reporters get paid enough to research their articles and then also have to reply to voluminous opinionated emails.

OK, on with the rant about a “Hotel Guest” at the Western Inn in Roswell, NM who stole a 42-inch Sanyo LCD flat-screen TV valued at $550. As you can read in the Police Blotter, this venerable Roswell Hotel tried to add the cost of the stolen television to the thief’s credit card, but it was rejected. Unless this lowlife’s credit card was also stolen, it should be pretty easy to track the scumbag down.

They should throw the person ,who ripped off the hotel, in jail for at least 5 years for what they did. Why? The hotel will either have to replace the TV or maybe put in a cheaper lower quality television. The heister/larcenist who stole the TV ruins the hotel experience for future guests because hotel management will be reluctant to place high quality amenities in their rooms.

TV Stolen from Hotel Room

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  1. Something that is connected to this is whether or not the law can go after pawn shop owner for buying a TV he thinks is hot. I know it is tough to know for sure, but if some seedy looking punk comes walking in to you shop trying to pawn a nice television maybe you should as a few questions or just tell the vandal to take a walk!!

    These Aholes who rip off hotels and motels just raise the prices for us honest folks!!

  2. For all you lowlifes who have ripped off flat screen televisions from a motel or hotel: The answer to the question “can hotels track a stolen tv?” is YES. Stolen TVs can be tracked and the current list of stolen televisions is about 100,000 nationwide.

    Law enforcement does not have the time to bring all of you thiefs in at once, but you will eventually get a knock on your door or a warrant issued for your arrest within one year. Sweet dreams punks.

    1. Authorities in Roswell know who stole the 500 dollar flat screen tv from Motel 6 on north main. There is video surveillance footage of the thief leaving the premises. Just a matter of time before the punk is arrested.

    2. Kristy Kay Glinis of dexter,nm was locked up for 8 years after being convicted of being a serial forger. DA Kristen Cartwright put this piece of scum in prison where she belongs. Glinis stole checks from her own aunt who was kind enough to give the lowlife a place to live.

  3. Can hotels track what websites you visit over WIFI ?
    Yes hotels or motels can track the porn websites or social networking sites that you might be using to cheat on your wife. Don’t worry too much about that happening because hotels do not want to scare off their patrons by invading their privacy. Think about it! Motels would lose a lot of business if their guests thought their IP addresses were being logged and potentially reported to law enforcement.
    Having said that, typing in searches like “I hate everybody at school” and “Adam Lanza is my hero” could lead to ISP being subpoenaed and your identity being revealed.
    Read Leo Notenboom to find out more about what your IP address reveals about you and how to falsify your IP address(happens to be illegal) or who owns your IP address.

  4. A guy in Albuquerque threw a going away party for his best bud at a nice motel. One of his friends stole the tv in one of the rooms. Both rooms were secured on the guys credit card. Hotel charged his card $300 to replace the stolen television. He didn’t complain and still does not know which “friend” ripped off tv!!!

  5. To all the scum that steal hotel and motel televisions. I work at mid range motel chain in Dallas,Texas. You don’t get out of our motel without being videotaped ripping off TV. The only question is whether management feels like prosecuting you not wanting negative publicity. We have over 300 videos of guests stealing TVs with multiple views all the way out to the parking lot and into the larceny vehicle along with license plate info. Management does not want to risk a confrontation with thief alarming other patrons, so you temporarily have yourself a TV, BUT you are busted in an even more cruel way. You have to wait and wait and wait til your current boss, wife, landlord, or lender finds out you are a crook.

    District Boss is sending info to a third party investigative group who has the authority to come to your home or come to your work place and ARREST your tired asses. The cheaper hotels are catching up with us with respect to video surveillance, so you punks who steal may have wait a few weeks before that knock on your door, but it is coming and I wish you many sleepless nights til you are arrested and spend a few nights in county jail.

    Every time you little thieves steal, it drives up motel room rates. So you boys got the law and John Q Public on your trail. You made the choice STEAL. Now you have an even more miserable life!!

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