Unaffordable Care Act Will be Excised


I appreciate Cal Thomas for exposing ObamaCare to its bare, unfair and unjust essentials. It has created a massive group of people who expect the government to pay for their health care. These same unaccountable citizens are now outraged that current leadership wants to rip out Obama’s poor judgement.

He challenges anyone, politician or citizen, to identify the “Affordable Care Act” (aka Obamacare) as even coming close to accomplishing the goals it targeted seven years ago.

Insurers are withdrawing their services from  the exchanges, premiums and related costs are increasing, for this misnomer of a law characterized as AFFORDABLE. Many hard working folks who like their doctors are not being allowed to keep that valued physician.

On social media recently, Obama didn’t even bother to defend Obamacare. Instead, he denounced the Trump spearheaded replacement, calling the Senate bill written by the GOP  an unfavorable transfer of wealth from the poor families to the richest people in America.

Thank the Good Lord that the citizenry was intelligent enough to vote Barack Hussein Obama’s party out of office.


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