Unattended Children at Dentist’s Office


This picture that you see of three Hispanic girls playing on the floor would be cute if they were cutting up on the living room floor of their parent’s hacienda. The little girl you see ,with her mother’s keys underneath the chair, is under a chair in the waiting room of a Dentist’s office. The mother left her children unattended while she was having some dental work done. I do understand that paying for a baby sitter is another cost and do not mean to sound callous, but that still does not give a parent the right to turn a waiting room into a zoo!

In restaurants, grocery stores, movie theatres, bowling alleys, and other public venues unattended Hispanic kiddos are a common sight. Many Mexican American parents just do NOT get what a nuisance and headache their kids are when they are running around getting into mischief. The knee jerk reaction, of course, is that only a racist could write something like this. Stating the truth is not the same as being a racist. To rear a child properly nowadays requires considerable patience, energy, and time. We knew a lady who had a nervous breakdown laboring under the onerous strain of trying to raise 4 teenagers. One was gay and another had drug problems and it was just too overwhelming for this 48 year old woman. I get what a hard job it is and have the deepest respect for parents who do it right, but you have to do better than the mother of these 3 kids at the dental office.

An older dental patient was sitting in the chair that the little Mexican girl is hanging onto, but moved rather than complain to the receptionist. The receptionist was watching the kids misbehave, but took no action. You can not blame the kids, but the parents should be held accountable. We have all heard that it takes the whole village to help raise your children, but the whole village should get a break occasionally!

You can not blame the receptionists at this Dental office for not interceding to shut up these noisy kids since disciplining another’s progeny can lead to serious issues. However, there needs to be some way to politely inform the parents of these boisterous and clamorous kids that failing to prevent these types of incidents bears very unfavorably on the way the children are being raised! For more on how to handle uncomfortable events like this, read the excellent article in the Fort Hood Sentinel by Lynn C. Denooyer on how to deal with noise nuisance circumstances.

Unattended Children on Floor of Dentist’s Office

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  1. Some of my closest friends are Latino and my kids play with their kids. I have the utmost respect for the friendship values that the Mexican Hispanic culture embraces. I do have to agree with the thrust of your post since I know an Hispanic lady down the street who lets her kids run around the neighborhood like bats out of hell! I have thrown hints her way about how dangerous and irresponsible it is to let the children play around dangerous traffic and some of the husbands have tried to politely talk to the Mexican papa, but the kids are still unsupervised most of the time!!!!

  2. That looks like the cathey brothers on alameda in Roswell, nm. Both those men are very good dentists. That is tough on staff to expect them to discipline kids who are acting up like that! Kids will be kids. I don’t think it has much to do with whether they are Mexican or white.

  3. One of the reasons dental offices do not have rules or policy prohibiting unattended children in the waiting area is that they would lose the business of a lot of single parents. It is hell when your old man leaves you and you have to make ends meet.

    That looks like the waiting room of Phillip Cathey. He and his brother have been there a while. Good dentists and friendly staff.

    1. I think I will schedule an appointment with Dr Michele L Carter at Spring River Dental so she can explain what a Frenectomy is. Need some kind of excuse to meet such an attractive woman. Oh yeah, my little girl needs a checkup!

  4. I heard Gary Cathey killed himself with a 357 due to unbearable back pain after a motorcycle accident. People are highly critical of those who commit suicide, but just hope you do not experience the excruciating pain of a back injury. You might choose to take your own life too!
    He rode with the alien city riders and graduated from nmmi in 1962. He was a dentist in truth or consequences many years ago and will be buried with military honors at south park cemetery.
    BTW, to whoever wrote this post, there are a lot more tougher things in life than having to “cope with unsupervised kids in the doctors office”. Get a damn life you whining malcontent!

  5. As to the issue of unattended children in state offices, there are strict policies and rules prohibiting parents or guardians from doing this. Depending on the state office, length of line, etc., you do have remedies which include contacting your state ombudsman. This probably is the best solution as trying to discipline another’s children can lead to conflicts, fights, and legal hassles.

    1. We had unattended kids climbing all over us and everybody else in doctors waiting room the other day! My husband told them to stop about the time the children’s mother walked back from her exam. She was apologetic saying should could not afford babysitter. The doctors receptionist should take charge because kids running around really piss off most people who are already a little stressed about having to see a physician who will bill the hell out of them for months to come!!

      1. Sure thing Janet, also the question of legal liability comes into play here. An elderly person tripping over an out of control kid and injuring themselves could place the dental office as a defendant in a Lawsuit. Wouldn’t you go after the deepest pockets if you got hurt and had to miss work because of irresponsible parents not tending to their children?

      2. A similar experience met us at our PCP office last time we went in for family physical. AND, yes it was a bunch of Mexican kids raising hell and making noise. Why don’t Hispanic parents control their children better. They are loud at movie theaters, get in your way at supermarket, play their music super loud in the neighborhood.

        My husband spoke to the secretary of our Primary Care Physician and she essentially ignored him saying we just had to put up with the clamorous crew of Chicanos. Maybe if we talk to the doctor directly and tell him he will lose our business if he does not do something about it!!

    2. Look people, many of you want to see signs in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists with verbiage to the effect of “keep your brats under control and supervised or else”. Understand that you are the patients demanding a peaceful and silent trip to the dentist. The other side of the coin is business aspect of a proprietor not wanting to alienate ANY of his customers. It is a dilemma.

  6. The couple on Jet Blue had to be forced off the plane after refusing to make their brat kid quit kicking the seat in front of them. Typical Mexicans not being responsible for the behavior of their kids.

    Mandy Ifrah and her husband, Tamir Raanan should be fined for public nuisance and refusal to comply with airline personnel!

    1. Lawyer David Templer is an ambulance chaser out of Miami. Cares nothing about what really happened. He is attracted like a magnet to lawsuits against airlines with deep pockets. Read what Jorge Pino had to say about his involvement regarding the relatively few incidents at HAULOVER SANDBAR. He likes stirring up problems where there are very few in the hopes of a big payday against the city.

      My cousin used to work with Mandy Raanan in New York and said Mandy did not do her fair share of work, was always complaining the boss was not fair, just a whining blame it somebody else type……. not suprised a crybaby like her is involved in something like this.

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