Unattended Hispanic Child in Restaurant


Mexican families often have large number children which increases the likelihood that some of the muchachos will be running around unmonitored as in this dentist’s office in Roswell .

The young kid, in the blue shirt, was shaking and whipping a white plastic sack as his grandmother looked on. The child’s father, seated in the booth at Chef Lupe’s in Ruidoso NM, made no attempt to subdue his hyperactive boy. The frenetic young Mexican tripped over my wife’s foot which brought no reaction from the irresponsible granny or dad.

Chef Lupe’s is a family restaurant where most of the patrons are Mexican, but that does not relieve parents from their obligation to discipline spoiled rotten offspring! You cannot expect the wait staff to get involved in stopping the distracting and unsettling behavior.

BTW their fajitas for two are quite tasty and reasonably priced at $28.


Unattended child ruidoso NM Mexican food place


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