USDA sued for OKing permits to commercially slaughter horses


RantThe following AP article reveals groups and individuals are suing the USDA for allowing the commercialization of horse slaughter. They claim the USDA broke the law by not following necessary guidelines. What is with these people? If it were any animal other than horses they would have no beef with the slaughterhouse. Pun intended.

Let these bleeding hearts try to take care of about 100 horses who are starving and dehydrating. You can bet if  it were cattle or pigs being slaughtered, these folks would not be as concerned about conducting the proper environmental reviews before the opening of the slaughterhouse. 

One has to really sympathize/empathize/feel sorry for Rick De Los Santos who has patiently played by the rules for the last 14 months only to have his efforts impeded by people who probably do not work for a living AND have a lot of time to sit around and ponder what is right and wrong with this world. Anybody who lives in southern NM or southern Arizona knows that the opening of horse slaughterhouses has been suppressed far too long.

Many of the horses will die, or have already died a slow miserable death. Wake up “people of compassion”.

Horse slaughter opponents sue USDA over Roswell plant permits

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) – A coalition of animal protection groups is asking a federal court in northern California to block the revival of domestic horse slaughter at commercial processing plants.
A lawsuit filed Monday by the Humane Society of the United States, four other groups and five individuals seeks an emergency injunction to overturn the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recent permit approval for a horse meat plant in Roswell, N.M.
The federal agency is also considering similar requests from processing plants in Sigourney, Iowa; Gallatin and Rockville, Mo.; Woodbury, Tenn.; and Washington, Okla.
The legal complaint says USDA violated federal regulatory laws by failing to conduct needed environmental reviews before authorizing horse slaughterhouses to operate.


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  1. Jackson, you would not have much patience with Joan Romin who must be bow-legged and sympathetic to horses for typical female irrational reasons. I like cows personally, but I like to eat them even more.

    My rendition of Maggie May ain’t so bad. I was pressured into it in high school talent show. Cigarette smoking helped.

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