Would you want these EMS grads in your Ambulance?


This writer, who has vacillated on his portrayal of cartoonist Keith Bell, is now glad to have guys like him exposing corruption and the overspending and misappropriation of taxpayers dollars.

His cartoon of the ENMU Roswell registrars office showing an employee trying to sign up students for a class where attendance is not required is  marginally close to hyperbolic satire, but pretty close to accurate if you will please read on.  Independent auditor Nancy Young, of  the accounting firm Moss Adams and certified fraud examiner, found that EMS teachers Ken Davis, Stacie Nelson, Rodney Ray, and Kathy Wells marked absent EMS students present in classes of size one. Said students were issued EMS certificates without adequate training or certification. Said instructors also billed ENMU for being BOTH the teacher and the teacher assistant. I am sure they rationalized their action as completely just since they would likely claim to be performing the tasks of both positions, however that is quite the challenge when you are not physically present in the classroom. Moreover, double billing in this fashion was not under their discretion and never authorized according to audit.

Keith’s acutely accurate and penetrating caption that someone’s success starts there is cute and cutting dig on the ENMU marketing slogan which declares that your success starts here. Sadly, the fat pay checks of the EMS instructors may be the only success in the Imbroglio called the EMS program.

Keith was employed at ENMU and witnessed the misspending and double standards that are all too prevalent there. At some point James Buchanan, the head of the faculty disciplinary committee who overruled the findings of a trained and experience auditor, will have to divulge why he let his colleagues get away with pocketing public money that was not theirs and providing substandard training for a very important profession! James, there are some folks in Clovis,NM who are outraged over the costs they incurred to send students all the way over to Roswell for an exceptionally bad learning experience. Ask Karen Burns, the EMS director there and a great name for a fire department captain :), if you don’t believe me.

Perhaps this is just the tip of the iceberg and the very members of the faculty committee(Alan Trever,Dawn Wulf, Dallas Pollei, and Yolanda Lopez )who found no fault with their colleagues actions have been guilty of similar offenses all these years too. Not allowing the “ruling” of the auditor to be enforced is wrong and the citizens of Roswell should not let it slide on by!

Keith, I don’t know how long it takes you to conceive and draw such to the point cartoons, but however long it takes, keep them coming brother! Also don’t worry about those reactionary anti-racist types who are looking for a reason to blame everybody else for their problems AND scream and whine every time one of their “unarmed hoodlum thugs” with criminal convictions gets shot. These are the same types that interpret some of your benignly intentioned cartoons in the worst possible way! They are same ones who believe Oriana Farrell was a victim when the police pulled her over for endangering her own kids.


Cartoon depicting how ENMU Roswell EMS instructors got away with double dipping despite an independent third party audit which caught them red handed.
Cartoon depicting how ENMU Roswell EMS instructors got away with double dipping despite an independent third party audit which caught them red handed.

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  1. Paramedic Tony Souza has been hired as program director of the embroiled EMS program at ENMU in Roswell. He is an experienced veteran of pre-hospital emergency medicine and is well aware of the overbilling scandal committed by ENMU EMS instructors. He is the right man to stop the cheating.

  2. Kent Smith of Sausalito California should not have been allowed to publish letter in RDR defending his friends who defrauded ENMU payroll system by billing for services not rendered. His EMS instructor friends were found guilty of double billing by independent auditor and freed from blame by a corruptly appointed faculty committee. Smith attacks reporter Tucker for reporting the truth. If they could make double or triple in the real world, they would! Smith is either lying or is ignorantly defending his friends.

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