Was All The Las Vegas Money on Bradley?


If Tim Bradley was an honest man, he would not have accepted the obviously corrupt decision that awarded him the split decision victory in his fight against Manny Pacquaio. Bradley fought gamely but was outboxed by Pacman the entire boxing match. If the decision stands, boxing judging has lost all credibility and many will never watch another PPV fight again. We payed $55 on our cable Pay Per View and knew that Pacquiao beat Bradley in all phases of the game. 

The ringside commentators were also at a loss and dumbfounded at how such a rigged outcome could have occurred. A lot of money must have been bet on Tim Bradley and apparently the three ring side judges became prostitutes in a city already full of them! Bradley was very honest at the end of the fight when during the interview he stated that he would watch the tape of fight to see if he won. Very classy……at least he was not talking smack about how he dominated Pacquiao. The boxing world and general public should respect him for that!

What follows are reactions from boxing fans around the globe who are in low-grade shock over this boxing injustice:

  1. Just watched the fight and I’m devastated by the “SPLIT” decision! WHAT?!?!? Clearlt Pac-Man dominated Bradley throughout each round of the fight, unquestionably. Don’t know what fight the judges were watching!
  2. Worst call I have ever watched ,and I have been an avid boxing fans for 30 years ,I was at the Leonard Hagler fight. Hagler won that fight ,this reminded me a little of that fight.Very sad
  3. Cant believe it. This is a nationwide upset. People are told if you work hard in life and give it your all that you will suceed and come on top. This is upseting to all Boxing fans everywhere. I will never get another PPV boxing match again. I hope Bradley paid them enough for this decision…
  4. Unreal! Should file a criminal charges against the Los Vegas boxing assoc for theft. Assholes!! I didnt even care who won, but be honest. This is the reason I watch online and will never use pay-per-view to watch a boxing match.
  5. Fake and fixed!! We as boxing fans who paid or even streamed this garbage of a decision fight. We should all not watch it at all. Seriously, with Pacquiao losing and maybe perhaps Mayweather being able to talk smack nonstop, this game of boxing is crap. Pacquiao clearly won that fight, Stevie Wonder saw all those rounds he won, and yet Bradley wins because paid judges who were obviously paid off by heavy gamblers who had a huge underdog wage on Bradley. Fixed and never watching this crap anymore.
  6. LOL, man…ridiculous… I  think that was the last straw for me, im turning to UFC and K1, It angers me that boxing fans get ripped off, Pacquiao gets ripped off and Jew Arum puts his mits around the new kid. Arum had that planned, he seen pacquiao starting to fade and knew he only had a fight or two left so he gave the decision to the new kid Bradley.Oh well, just another joke for boxing. Im done with boxing.
  7. Likewise, I thought 3 rounds for Bradley, maybe 4. And in some ways it comes down to the same old thing– the “champonships/rankings are more or less meaningless and often the official results are as well. so boxing fans have to keep in their heads the real score.Having said that, after a lifetime of seeing boxers get bad decisions and crowing about a win in a fight they obviously lost, I was impressed with Bradley saying he needed to go home and watch the fight to see if he won. Class Act. And Manny aquitted himself well as well.
  8. extremely rigged. u dont even have to be a fan of boxing. just sit down, relax, and watch this fight for 12 rounds and see that pacquiao clearly won the fight. split decision is bull ****. the one who should be blamed is arum for wanting to make alot of money on the second fight in november.
  9. The boxing world witnessed fraud Saturday night in Las Vegas. The ring side judges should be held criminally accountable for selling out to big money. The judge’s names are Duane Ford, C.J. Ross and Jerry Roth and they should be looking over their shoulder when they are out for the next year or so!
  10. I just don’t get it?? it wasn’t even close, Bradley might have won 2 rounds, if you look at the media’s scorecards they are all like 117-110, 119-10, how can the judges that count be that far off?? watching it, Pac-man was in complete control the entire fight, hurt him with more power punches, hell even Bradley said he didn’t win at first!! it just doesn’t make any sense and for those that say he;s getting what he deserve because of the Marques fight, at least that last one was close, could have gone either way but NOT THIS ONE, it wasn’t even close!!i have a question……that song done by that Jessica nobody…..what was that? if you are going to tell me that was the National Anthem….i would not believe you. It sounded NOTHING like the Nat’l Anthem i know. And about the fight? Exactly what match were the judges watching? It wasnt Pacman v. Bradley for sure. So maybe this is a blessing. As soon as the woman beater Mayweather gets his punk **** out of jail…maybe he might think Pacquaio is an easy target now and stop dodgeing the fight that is meant to be. Mark it on your calendar…Nov 10…the rematch and Pacman victory……hopfully with different more honest judges not on the take.





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  1. What has happened is that Pacquiao has so distanced himself from other fighters that Bradley feels like since he out-performed how Mosley, De La Hoya, Cotto, Margarito, Hatton, and Clottey did against Pacquiao THAT Bradley feels he won the fight!!!

    I had a lot of respect for Bradley when he said that he was going to look at the fight film to see if he really won. HOWEVER, after looking at the fight tape Bradley still claims he won the fight.

    People all you can do is to NOT watch any more Pay Per View until they reverse the Bradley/Pacquaio decision. It is the only control you have. Working folks pay their hard earned money to watch a quality fight only to realize that the fight judges, Duane Ford, C.J. Ross and Jerry Roth, sold out to the underdog money in Sin City.

    The fight judges know that Pacquiao beat Tim Bradley and WORSE Bradley knows he lost. That poor black kid from North Palm Springs was one helluva story until now. Wonder how Tim Bradley is sleeping these days?

  2. Floyd Mayweather’s only legacy to the boxing world will be cowardice and unwillingness to fight the better man and the better Boxer Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather needs to fight Pacquiao to prove to boxing world Mayweather is not chicken. Mayweather is older than Pacquiao and does not have much time to correct his pusillanimous character.

  3. I believe we all understand why mma and ufc have surpassed boxing in viewership after corrupt/bought out judges gave “MONEY” Mayweather credit for beating Pacquiao in Las Vegas. Even heretofore credible ringside announcer max kellerman
    told tv viewers Mayweather controlled a fight that was a draw.

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