We have uncut Footage of Draymond Green kicking Steven Adams in the Testicles



The “uncut” footage is available to any citizen of the world. Green committed the crime of assault on the basketball courts and was not charged. In fact, the league he plays for did not even suspend him. He had to commit the offense three times before he was disqualified from game 5 against Cleveland. I would actually prefer the footage of the punk making a sandwich as boring as that was even though it sets a weak standard for what the younger generation views as entertainment.

It is a pathetic state of affairs when the NBA equivalent of a thug and hooligan gets away with kicking OKC Thunder Center squarely in the balls on national TV and does not get suspended. Should be OKC in finals not the team with the guy who would be thrown in jail for assault. Green tried to punch Lebron James in the nuts and was suspended for one game. What gives? He did same thing twice against the Thunder and got to play all 7 games! Complete BS.


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  1. Draymond was on TV last night waving Olympic American flag watching two white women in revealing bikinis play beach volleyball. Cameras panned to him a couple of times with his eyes square on their ass. NBA athletes are immune from criminal prosecution as they travel from one big city to another sleeping with young white girls and women.
    I know professional athletes hooking up with each other is common….wouldn’t be surprised if Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross had some black sausage after tense match. Deandre Jordan needs at least two white women to service him.

    1. Draymond better hope they finish series in game 5 at Oracle in California. He stated Cleveland fans are intellectually inferior. So game 6 will be blowout for Cavs. Warriors do NOT want to roll the dice with a game seven!

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