Were you billed in a Questionable Fashion by TxTag?



We traveled to Galveston TX from Albuquerque, NM last summer. We went through Houston, TX bypassing the traffic snarled metro area driving on Beltway 8 or Sam Houston Tollway to I45 south.

So why I am ranting? We did not KNOW the tollway was Easy Tag ONLY until it was too late! The city of Houston should realize the rest of the world does NOT KNOW it is EZ Tag only until they actually get on the 83 mile loop around the city! There was very little if any conspicuous signage alerting out of state motorists that the tollway was EZ Tag ONLY!

Two months later we get the following bill in the mail from TxTag claiming we owe them a little over $13. Ten dollars of the bill was a late fee assessment which is NOT FAIR since the bill you see was our FIRST notice that we owed TxTag anything! Please comment here anonymously if you have experienced something similar to this where you were billed a late fee before you were even aware you owed anything! People who are not from Texas are getting ambushed by this exploitative tourist trap by system that will take a picture of your vehicle, automatically create a TxTag account, and then send you a bill without the possibility of phone communication with TxTag representative!

Legally, this falls in the category not providing the general public with adequate notice so they can act and plan with complete information prior to being charged for a service. Adequate promulgation of the existence of a revenue producing City entity is a basic tenet of  law and the city of Houston appears to be in violation of this principle. This should be a lot of red meat for a law professor somewhere.

Read the  kxan article by Brian Collister and Sophia Beausoleil for what seems to be a ripoff allowed by the Harris County Toll  Road Authority HCTRA.

TxTag Bill


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  1. Gosh, this is similar to another ripoff I experienced long ago with a network of massage therapists. Massage therapy is a great low skill business to open up with very little overhead. This makes it ideal for scams and fraud!

    I had one headache after another when I attempted to cancel my membership with Massage Envy. I was cancelling due to poor services. I was instructed to send my request in writing and I did, then the shop owner called me and tried to keep me signed up and offered me free services. I explained to him very nicely that I too am a LMT and I felt the 2 massages I had already received were of poor quality and I wished to no longer be a member. He credited my account and cancelled my membership, It’s hard to acquire poor service when I received 2 massages from 2 different therapists and was I more disappointed the second time.
    Good Luck, Keep fighting, it’s your money.

    1. This could not be the same outfit at the Massage Envy – St Cloud, Minnesota. They do exceptional work. They are careful about telling you the massages are non-sexual, but one of the women there pushes the boundaries which is actually good for business. Nothing like a free, clean hand job. Wife never notices.

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