What the hell is that in the middle of Subway Sandwiches


I am almost certain that the Corporate Offices of Subway Sandwich Shop would not be too happy with the owner of this Subway franchise in Roswell, New Mexico. We stop there traveling from Ruidoso to Hobbs or Midland,TX all the time.

The service is average and one time one of the young kids working there tried to pocket some of the money we paid for order by not ringing up the entire transaction. The young attendant said I owed $9.37, but the cash register only displayed that I owed 50 cents. I demanded that the Mexican kid make the register display what I owed which was $9.37. The kid acted pissed and I said I would report him to the franchise owner of this particular subway on West 2nd street. The kid was trying to steal from the franchise owner and got really quiet when I told him he was busted.

The picture that you see is plastic tarp wrapped around the construction that is being done around the main entrance to this sandwich shop. This, of course, blocks the entrance and forces Subway patrons to enter through the east door.

We have always heard that Roswell,NM is the land of manana and our experience at Subway seems to support that claim. When we passed back through Roswell on our way to Midland,TX we stopped off at another of their 4 Subways and saw a human bird ordering food.

Ugly Inconvenient Construction in Middle of Subway Sandwich Shop

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  1. That is the subway on west second street. Looks like maybe they had a burst pipe under floor near entrance or bad ceiling leak. They can’t fix problems like that immediately dude. Give them a break.

    The Subway franchise owner, Kurt Richardson, I am sure, did his best to remove the eyesore. KSBL is a first rate LLC.

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