What is the annual income of Charles Vance?


Divine Connections – 6 CDs – $30 order now 866-429-1048

Wrong people can mess up stuff corporately declared Charles Vance on his televangelical program with this Divine Connections advertisement permanently fixed to tv screen. His Internet address should be charlesvance.com instead of charlesvance.org since his intentions are to sell you something(.com means commercial)

He also states to not share your dreams with your own family as they will sabotage any effort you produce to achieve your goals and dreams. He is actually right about that, but still do not waste 30 dollars on his CDs.

Charles Vance, a Mamas boy, was in the home construction business prior to switching into the religion business. So understand that if you choose to divinely connect with him it will cost you 30 dollars. Maybe he will be able to find God’s Match for you even cheaper than his competitor.

His marketing slogan of making faith reality is more truthfully making faith profit.





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