Whats NOT Pretty? Faces of Irresponsible Borrowers


I am not ashamed to admit that I witnessed something recently that I dearly wanted to be part of, but would have been arrested had I participated.
I was standing fourth back in a line at Albertsons Grocery Store. A middle-aged male was checking out at the front of the line and taking a long time. He tried 3 or 4 credit cards, all of them rejected. He finally pulled out an EBT Card ( A food stamp card ) to pay for what appeared to be a regular looking shopping cart full of goods. The woman behind him began to berate him for buying certain items that he should not be allowed to pay for with food stamps. This woman may have been a single mother based on her remarks. The man using the EBT card got really pissed and was making aggressive gestures towards the single Mom when a couple of other men nearby jumped in yelling at the EBT user criticizing him for not having a job and mooching off of responsible tax-paying citizens. One of them landed a punch on the guy with the EBT card about the time a security guard arrived.

I got out of there and do not know the outcome, but was quite happy that the fight broke out. Why? I am pissed off that the United States financially supports people who are unwilling to work and expects hard-working financially responsible folk to take care of them!! It is not fair that somebody on food stamps gets to take the same nice vacations and eat at the same restaurants as people who save for a rainy day and do not overspend.

I think it is about time the United States re-instituted debtor’s prison. If you want to check out how many more angry Americans are ready to take serious action against lowlifes who do not work and expect the government and hard-working tax payers to take care of them, please read ┬áthe well done Wall Street Journal Post.


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