Who is Paying for Income Support Divisions


The mere fact that a building with a Human Services Department Income Support Division sign even exists in Roswell, New Mexico is quite depressing. This means state and federal tax payer dollars are being spent on a building to provide income for those who can not work or are TOO LAZY to work!

Before I continue this rant, please understand that I realize plenty of deserving souls are in need of income support, to wit: disabled folks, abandoned mothers and children, elderly who have lost their fixed income, runaway children, traumatized crime victims etc. The rant article written by Mad Wife at Student MidWife.Net is illustrative of why we DO need state run income support.

My beef is with the concept of creating a government service which provides income support that is highly visible to members of an already very poor community! Winos and scofflaws walking or driving down South Sunset in Roswell can just stroll on in the front door and see what government handouts are there for the taking. I am sure that it is probably not so easy for them to qualify for the money, but the fact that a prominently placed sign on a major thoroughfare even exists ONLY adds to the sense of entitlement and handout mentality that is already prevalent in many destitute regions of the United States.

Just the presence of such a service advances the premise we live in country where those that CAN are stuck taking care of those who are unwilling to be responsible and take care of themselves.

Income Support Division Roswell New Mexico

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  1. Be careful about complaining too much about these income support places. I gather that you’re healthy and have a good job right now. You never know when hard times will fall upon you.

    Sure there are a lot of lowlifes who take advantage of the system and exploit things to their advantage, but state-supported income support divisions are a necessity. Tax dollars have always paid for the sick and the not so lucky members of our society.

  2. I am one of the lowlifes you are talking about. I made a little extra cash hustling chess games in Central Park nyc. In fact, I am typing this post in on a lady’s iPad who was kind enough to let me use it.

    My mother was schizophrenic and my father is an alcoholic. What do you want me to do? Kill myself. I have a nervous tick that makes it hard for me to impress anybody during a job interview. Notice that I used the past and present tense when describing my mother and father. That means I am intelligent but just can’t find a job.

    Do you still think it’s a good idea to shut down the state-supported income support divisions?

  3. To the chess player with all the excuses and the victim mentality. Plenty of people have been born in extreme hardship and come out of it just fine. Use the intelligence you were bragging about to get a job, otherwise accountable people will be stuck taking care of your lazy ass!

  4. At least New Mexico gives you until April 30th to pay off state income tax. Not sure why they extend the April 15th federal deadline. Every day you don’t have to give your tax dollars to people who won’t work is a good day.

  5. When Donald trump gets elected, income support divisions around the United States will be closed down. There will be more people living under bridges and in homeless shelters. It won’t be as easy for the have nots to Welch off haves.

    Poor Artists like Mark Holmes, a landlord with a two-bedroom unit on Main Street in downtown Grand Junction, Colo., refuses to lease out his apartment to Donald Trump voters. Poor, dumb, 62 year old hippie used to government handouts when he can not sell his gay looking paintings might end up in the streets begging since he wont be able to suck the government’s tit after THE DONALD IS ELECTED!!!!!

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