Why Aren’t Utility Companies Credit Card Friendly?


OK OK, most utilities accept credit cards as a form of payment. My beef is the stinking transactions fees they charge. Usually it is a third party that processes the credit card transactions for bill payments, but utility does NOT have to pass that cost to the customer!

I will use the New Mexico Gas Company(NMGC) as an example. As you can see in the picture below, they are set up for their customers to use credit cards to pay for their consumption of natural gas. HOWEVER, the very last piece of information they disclose at the bottom is that Western Union charges a $2.50 transaction feed for every credit card payment it processes. This is rather deceptive. NMGC charges its customer  $2.50! They contract Western Union to perform a service. You get my point. NMGC does NOT have to pass that cost to their customers.

Our last gas bill was a little over $20. $2.50 is a 13% cost to us just to use our convenient credit card which pays killer cash rewards. We do thank NMGC for the gift of heat, BUT…………

NMGC use Wetern Union to process credit card payments



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