Why do pending charges remain so LONG


RantWe lodged at the very nice Radisson Suites hotel in El Paso, Texas United States not too long ago. We booked it for around 71 US Dollars on Hotel.Com and got a free authentic Texas omelette as a complimentary breakfast.

We were next door to Applebee’s and watched Kentucky beat Notre Dame in a thrilling March Madness basketball game. All of this was the good part. Read on for the bad part.

We used a Sams Club 5-3-1 Master Card for  booking the Hotel online because it pays us 3% cash back for all travel and dining expenses even though we can NOT see an itemization on which items we are charging are being applied to which category! What I mean is we can not see directly if the Radisson Suites reservation is giving us 3% of the $71 we paid for the booking.  We are forced to trust the credit card issuer on this hoping they are honest on our end of month cash back awards.

Anyway back to the point of this article which is WHY IS THERE STILL A $50 PENDING CHARGE FROM RADISSON SUITES? We contacted hotel and agent stated it was a charge for incidentals in case we “incidentally” stole something or damaged the room in any fashion.

That is fair enough, but why is $50 pending charge for incidentals  still on our credit card statement four days after we checked out of the FRIGGIN hotel? Perhaps it is not the Hotel’s fault and the credit card company is just dragging their feet on removing the pending charge? Whatever the cause, it has the effect of pulling down the available credit that one has at their disposal.

Travis writing for Enemy of Debt wrote an informative article about incidental hotel charges that really did not answer the question I wanted answered. If it did, I apologize Travis. The hotel management should be able to quickly surmise whether anything has been damaged or stolen and then REMOVE pending charge immediately!!

Pending charge for incidental hotel charges remain on credit card transactions way TOO long!
Pending charge for incidental hotel charges remain on credit card transactions way TOO long!

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  1. We had exact same problem at Radisson Suites in El Paso! They held $150 pending for eight damn days!! We left the room perfect. Did not steal any towels or destroy anything.

    Called them and they said they had informed credit card company to remove pending charge. So it looks like credit card was the was the cause of the delay.

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