Why do people frequently blame human resources for their inadequacies?


RantThe following excerpt from an HR rant by a fellow named Josh sounds as though he has issues wherever he is employed. He admits that he has never had a positive interaction with human resources. I am guessing it is a very short list of people that he gets along with:

…………………..But it’s much worse than that. Human Resources always sides with corporate interests. If there’s a legal concern, such as a legitimate harassment situation, Human Resources will act as a mock support system for the involved parties, but ultimately act to protect the organization from perceived threats which may never be released at the expense of providing a healing resolution for anyone. It can be even worse, where the interests of the employee are simply snubbed entirely for bureaucratic reasons. Human Resources claims to be the advocate of employees, wanting to nourish and invest in them, but they have zero structural accountability to the employees, so it’s all a sham.

Lastly Human Resources typically oversees the sham of ‘performance reviews’ which try to bottle useful feedback into stilted low-utility meetings that happen quarterly. In healthy organizations these systems actually work counter to healthy communication. They stifle feedback on areas for improvement, by channelling communication into a disciplinarian session instead of food for thought and growth.( This is a beautifully insightful comment into why communication between HR and staff can range from dysfunctional to nonexistent!)

In short HR is symptomatic of what is unhealthy in American business culture.

Sounds like this guy has never had a positive interaction with anybody. Maybe he should start his own company so he won’t have to worry about dealing with HR.




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  1. I agree with your implied assumption that Joshua is a malcontent who wastes more time whining and crying than adapting and committing to company goals and mission statement. He should put up or shut up. HR is not an expletive. It is a necessary component in the operation of any business. Joshua does not really hate human resources. He hates the fact that he is working for somebody else and has not figured out a way to blaze his own trails.

  2. What your article reminds me of is the poorly managed and little respected Job Corps HR department managed by Mary Gonzalez in Roswell, New Mexico. My wife worked there while I was stationed in the region about 6 years ago and came home stressed out daily. More than one employee complained to the DOL about the unfair working conditions there and the lack of support by Human Resources. Can not believe she is still there

    1. Oh my Dear God! Do you mean to tell me human resources boss, Mary Gonzalez, of Roswell NM job corps has not been terminated yet?! My brother worked his ass off there and quit 6 years ago because of that woman! He said all kinds of discrimination and harassment documentation landed on her desk and were never submitted to proper corporate officers or government agencies. He lost over 1000 dollars because she did not enroll him in retirement plan for half a God Damn year! With all the people she has screwed over, it is only a matter of time until her ass is history! He talked to Lona Kit who was the center director and she said there was nothing that could be done about because Gonzalez had threatened them with a discrimination lawsuit HERSELF when they tried to fire her incompetent ass!! I heard she has a lawyer waiting in the wings if they try give her a pink slip. What a frigging JOKE!!!!! The whole place is a hostile work environment wasting government money on inadequately taught vocational education. Drugs, sex, fights. We even called and wrote the Job Corps National Office filing a complaint at the following address

      200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Ste. N4463
      Washington, DC 20210

      Phone: (202) 693-3000
      Fax: (202) 693-2767
      Email: national_office@jobcorps.gov
      Web site: http://www.jobcorps.gov

      They replied like they were going to take action, BUT NOTHIN ever happened that we were aware of.

      1. FlourishAnyway writes at hub pages bringing the experiences of being Human Resources representative for two Fortune 500 companies, her interests include employment law, HR workplace investigations, bullying, fairness perceptions, and employee selection. She should get her own website instead of giving away her writing profits to hub pages.
        I am sure she could tell you how to get somebody as ineffective and unfair as Mary Gonzalez FIRED

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