Why shouldn’t you be harassed for NOT paying your debt



Will I still receive harassing phone calls?

It might be possible in the first few months, since it takes time for your creditor’s collections department to find out you’re on a Debt Management Plan with our agency. If you get a harassing call, just inform the creditor to contact us.

The previous question is a frequently asked query on the Christian debt consolidation website. The way I see it is that you should be hassled if you’re not responsible enough to pay back your debt. Your impulse purchasing should be your burden alone. You’re out of control credit card debt is nobody else’s problem but yours. Moving out of that nice house and into a cheap apartment is what you deserve for spending irresponsibly.

Christian Debt Counseling services can show you how to be a more disciplined accountable spender. Do not be fooled by the title of this debt relief service. It is for nonbelievers as well as people of faith. Christian Debt Consolidation conducts their business as though people really do matter and understands that everyone that has financial issues are not necessarily scofflaws or unaccountable. Many of us fall upon hard times due to divorce, medical calamities, job loss, and unavoidable economical shifts and trends.

Finally in the irony of all ironies, wouldn’t it fit just about right if part of your debt was from paying a website to help God help you to find your perfect Match?!


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